How Does a Medical Professional Balance a Career in Medicine and Motherhood?

How Does a Medical Professional Balance a Career in Medicine and Motherhood?


The user interview for this issue is quite unique. Dr. Chickie is a hospitalist physician who juggles the demands of her medical career with the joys and challenges of motherhood. Just when you think you know what it’s like to be a busy mom and a professional, Dr. Chickie’s story adds another layer to the narrative. How does she manage it all? Let’s find out.

A Heartwarming Surprise

Mother’s Day started off as just another busy day for Dr. Chickie. After pulling through a grueling 72-hour shift at the hospital, she was beyond tired, both mentally and physically. She had been running on fumes, attending to patient after patient without a break, and it had been days since she had last seen her husband and son. At this point, she just wanted to get home and celebrate with them.

Just as she was about to clock out at 4:30 AM, her husband surprised her at the hospital entrance, holding a bouquet of flowers. In that moment, all the weariness faded away, and butterflies filled her stomach. Smiling would be an understatement - she grinned from ear to ear. This simple gesture of love and recognition was all it took to lift her spirits, reminding her of the strong support she had at home and the reasons she worked so tirelessly every day.

The Compassionate Caregiver

Being a doctor was a huge part of Dr. Chickie’s life long before she became a mother. But when she had her son, everything changed, including her perception of her job and patients. She found herself becoming more compassionate and understanding, especially when dealing with those who were mothers. She now understood the constant worry and the emotional rollercoaster that came with being responsible for another life. This new perspective made her a better doctor. She learned to extend her patience and sensitivity, which allowed her to connect with her patients on a deeper level. The experience of motherhood enriched her ability to care for others, making her not only a healer but also a source of comfort and empathy.

A Mother's Gift

One of the most touching moments in Dr. Chickie’s career came when she shared her pumped breastmilk with the newborn child of a patient who had passed away. Typically, she donated her milk to the hospital’s neonatal unit, but this case hit closer to home. It was early in the morning when she learned of the tragedy, and her immediate thought was, “What about the baby? What happens to him now?”

She knew the baby hadn’t been fed for several hours since the mother had passed away. So, seeing the baby drink her milk brought a surge of mixed emotions - relief that he was fed, yet sadness over the circumstances. Her motherly instinct kicked in strongly, connecting her deeply to the child. As a doctor, she was used to dealing with loss, but as a mother, this situation affected her in a completely different way. It was a stark reminder of how her roles as a doctor and a mother are deeply connected.

Beyond Healing

For Dr. Chickie, being able to help in such a tangible way meant everything. She had been helping the sick for many years, but being able to assist not just as a doctor but as a mother brought her a different kind of satisfaction and happiness. It was no longer just about saving lives; it was about touching them, offering kindness, and making a positive impact. She cherished the opportunity to combine professional care with personal compassion. This dual role allowed her to serve as an inspiration to others, showing that one could spread goodness even in a world full of uncertainties.

Bridging Roles with Technology

Balancing the demands of her job with the responsibilities of motherhood was challenging, but technology helped bridge the gap. Dr. Chickie relied on the Momcozy S12 Pro at work. "I have a very demanding job, and this wearable pump has been very helpful because I am able to stay on my pumping schedule with ease," she explained.

The convenience of being able to pump while working meant she could collect milk for her son without missing a beat. It also allowed her to educate her patients about breastfeeding and breast pumping, helping to break down old misconceptions. The Momcozy S12 Pro gave her the freedom to balance her dual roles effectively.


Redefining Identity

At Momcozy, the message is to see beyond the label of a mom as just a woman. Dr. Chickie believes being "More Than A Mom" means living a life beyond society's expectations. It's about being the best version of yourself for you, not just fulfilling the role of a mother as others see it. For Dr. Chickie, it's not only about being a mother and a physician. She is also a daughter, a wife, a friend, and a colleague. Each of these roles is important to her. Her goal is to be a version of herself that she is proud of - happy, content, and inspiring to others.


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July, 8. 2024

Doc Chickie is a did not just touched lives in the hospitals where she works with. She is also the sympathetic, and helpful doctor for her immediate family and extended family members. She is very kind and respectful to her aunties and uncles. She has a down-to-earth personality. She juggles her work life and family life effectively. She is a super mom, super wife and a super daughter.

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