Avoiding Reflux - How To Burp Your Baby

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Babies can intake extra air while feeding which, then, gets trapped in their stomach making them spit their food back. This air can also cause common diseases such as reflux pain resulting in lower chest pain. When acid reflux is happening, problems like gastrointestinal can be common for babies. If you want to avoid reflux problems and protect your baby then the only solution is burping. You can make your baby burp during the feeding session or after their feeding. For new parents who don’t know how to burp a baby, here are some methods to do so.


Over The Shoulder

Hold your baby against your shoulder. Do not forget to put baby burp cloths on your shoulder as baby spit backs milk during burping. This can make your and baby’s clothes dirty unless you use baby burp cloths. Keep supporting one hand on their neck and the other hand on their back rubbing and patting them between shoulder blades and then wait for the sound of the small burp or ump.


In A Sitting Position

Make your baby sit on your lap while slightly bend them towards their waist. Support the baby’s back, neck, and chest as this will make sure that your baby is in a secure position while you gently pat on the back. If patting is difficult for you and your baby while sitting, you can bounce them too but make sure to support them fully when applying this method. You can get some of the best burp cloths and place them between your thighs for this position.


While Walking

If your baby has enough head control you can try to make them burp while walking. Put them in front of you so they can feel relaxed while seeing you. Put one arm across their stomach while applying gentle pressure. This can help the baby release trapped air in the stomach. Place a baby burp cloths on your shoulder for any spit backs.


Lay Down The Baby On Your Lap

Lay down the baby over their belly on your thighs. Support their head and neck. Keep patting or rubbing their back gently while waiting for them to burp. It may take several minutes through this method of burping. If they are still uncomfortable after the burp, they could still be hungry. Feed them again as the babies can burp several times during feeding.


Feed the Baby In The Upright Position

If you are feeding your baby make them sit in the upright position so that the need for a burp is reduced as there will be less air trapped in their little belly. Try to position them in the right way so that they can easily swallow food. Feed your baby lightly with foods that are easily digested and feed in small sessions.

Burping is an important step to maintain good health for your baby. However, the process can be a bit messy as they may spit back food as well. Make sure to buy some of the best burp cloths so that you can protect your and your baby’s clothes.

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