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Less Friction, More Care

Baby’s skin is about 30% thinner than adult’s skin. Therefore, it’s much more delicate. The innovative embossed cocoon pattern helps reduce skin contact by 45% for less friction, lowering the risk of chafing.

10 seconds absorption rate keeps rashes away

Baby's skin absorbs more water than adult skin. Rashes can develop unexpectedly. Our diapers have a 10-second fast absorption rate, keeping urine away from your baby's skin and preventing unwanted rashes.

Elastic Waist Band & Anti-Leak Side Liner

Super elastic waist band ensures a snug and comfy fit on baby's little booty, with no pressure on the tum-my! Lowering the risk of chafing. Our 3D side liner (AKA leg cuffs) is specially designed toprevent leaks on each of baby's moves.

Soft diapers born for soft skin

Baby's skin has fewer fibers than the skin ofolder kids. That's why their skin is soft and smooth. Our diapers are designed to bring a whole new level of softness to help keep it that way.

Bouncy Soft Series

Small Pack
Size 1 to Size 6
82 (Size 1)
Bouncy Soft
Available Size
10s Fast Absor
Travel pack
Size 1 to Size 4
Bouncy Soft
Travel Pack
Available Size Size 1 to Size 4
Count 12
Series Bouncy Soft
10s Fast Absorption
Small Pack
Available Size Size 1 to Size 6
Count 82(Size 1)
Series Bouncy Soft
10s Fast Absorption
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