Empowering Mothers Everywhere: Momcozy Debuts Its Momcozy Care Program

Empowering Mothers Everywhere: Momcozy Debuts Its Momcozy Care Program

A companion to three million moms from pregnancy through early motherhood, global maternity brand Momcozy has introduced the Momcozy Care Program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing real support to mothers at every stage of their journey. The program, built on Momcozy’s foundation of putting moms first, offers a holistic approach to care. Encompassing evidence-based free maternity education, nurturing online communities, convenient maternity product solutions, and in-person support via partnerships with impactful professionals and organizations, the Momcozy Care Program is unwavering in its efforts to equip moms with what they need for a fulfilling and empowering motherhood experience. 

Momcozy emphasizes the significance of collaboration with impactful organizations, institutions and professionals in achieving positive maternity outcomes. The company is proud to announce partnerships with a growing list of partners, including: WIC of Chippewa County, Springfield North WIC (Mass.), Dr. Colette Wiseman MD, Therapy for Motherhood, Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, and its most recent collaborations, The Baby Academy and Pumpspotting.

Partnerships with leading maternity education provider, The Baby Academy, and community-driven breastfeeding and baby feeding support platform, Pumpspotting, mark a significant step in Momcozy's mission to enhance breastfeeding education and support. Through The Baby Academy, Momcozy supports access to free, evidence-based breastfeeding education via the Breastfeeding Preparation Class conducted by Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants. 

“At The Baby Academy, we believe in a world where all expectant parents have access to the most up-to-date evidence-based information delivered by healthcare professionals, to empower them to make their own informed decisions about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. This valuable partnership shows Momcozy's commitment to supporting moms worldwide by providing essential healthcare professional-led, evidence-based resources for Mom and partner through The Baby Academy's Free Breastfeeding Preparation Classes,” shares Baby Academy Co-Founder Tom McGovern. 

“This partnership also enhances mom and partner's parenting journey through the Momcozy Care Program, ensuring more Moms receive the resources they need at this key lifestage.”

Momcozy’s collaboration with Pumpspotting further extends support to nursing and pumping moms through the Breast Express Tour, a nationwide initiative to both celebrate breastfeeding mothers while providing resources and assistance along their journeys July through October. 

"Pumpspotting is thrilled to have Momcozy on board the Breast Express to join us in supporting nursing and pumping moms across the country!,” shares CEO and Founder Amy Vanharen. 

“We share a commitment to meeting parents wherever they are on their breastfeeding journeys and to providing resources - from technology to products - that make the feeding experience less stressful and more comfortable. By joining us as a tour partner, Momcozy is signaling their support in an exciting way and we’re honored to come together for greater impact."

In addition to hosting live, educational webinars with certified maternity experts, Momcozy is expanding its presence to provide concentrated, in-person support in 10 cities through community partnerships and the launch of digital communities. The brand kicks off its in-person initiatives with The Miami Moms Collective and FIT4MOMS franchises in Dallas, hosting wellness and social events to meet the diverse needs of mothers. 

“Momcozy believes that real support goes beyond mere celebration and acknowledges the challenges of motherhood,” shares Momcozy’s North American Marketing Manager, Lalaina Rabary. “By actively engaging with communities, listening to mothers' needs, and fostering meaningful conversations, Momcozy aims to create a better world for mothers one interaction at a time.”

For additional information on the Momcozy Care Program, click here. For partnership inquiries, email mcp@momcozy.com

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