Momcozy Celebrates International Women's Day with Launch of Cozy Mom: Her Infinite Power Campaign

Momcozy Celebrates International Women's Day with Launch of Cozy Mom: Her Infinite Power Campaign

International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th, is a global occasion dedicated to honoring women's achievements, raising awareness about gender equality, and promoting women's empowerment, all values that mom-centric brand, Momcozy, champions in its products and initiatives. This year, for International Women’s Day, Momcozy proudly unveils its "Cozy Mom: Her Infinite Power" campaign, a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable strength and potential of women worldwide.

Celebrating International Women's Day with "Cozy Mom: Her Infinite Power"

International Women's Day is a time to reflect on the incredible contributions and resilience of women in all walks of life. Momcozy's "Cozy Mom: Her Infinite Power" campaign celebrates the spirit of women and recognizes that mothers are far more than just caregivers; they are individuals with dreams and ambitions that extend beyond their roles as moms.

The Importance of Self-fulfillment for Mothers

Momcozy's campaign aligns with the brand's core belief: to be a companion to millions of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers worldwide. Momcozy values every mom's feelings, seeing and celebrating the woman behind the mother.

“Mothers possess infinite power,” said a brand representative “and their journey through motherhood weaves a beautiful and diverse tapestry worldwide, which we proudly highlight in our new campaign.”

Despite strides in gender equity, enduring biases and stereotypes surrounding motherhood persist in both professional and domestic realms. Societal norms often foster conflicting pressures between homemaking and career pursuits. Nonetheless, women's diverse experiences empower them to attain self-fulfillment through individualized paths. Momcozy’s “More Than a Mom” TV commercial campaign explores this belief and shows how moms from all walks of life have created meaning in their lives outside of their mom identities.

Momcozy Takes Action

As part of the "Cozy Mom: Her Infinite Power" campaign, Momcozy has planned to take several meaningful actions that include:

- Launching a powerful TVC titled "More Than A Mom," featuring the inspiring stories of several mothers, highlighting their courage, determination, curiosity, and creativity.

cast and crew

- Inviting Arianna Criscione, a former professional soccer goalkeeper, to engage in a thought-provoking conversation on motherhood, her journey in navigating pressures, battling doubts, and finding strength in her multiple roles as a woman, athlete, mother, and entrepreneur.

- Hosting an engaging webinar to help women and mothers embrace their multiple identiies and instill confidence in partnership with Laura Otton, LCSW, PMH-C, an esteemed mental health expert from Therapy For Motherhood.

Together with the brand’s campaign partners, Momcozy hopes to amplify understanding, inspire inclusion, and empower women to embrace their multiple identities with pride. On International Women's Day and every day, Momcozy celebrates the infinite power of women and mothers worldwide.


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