How to Choose a Right Comfortable Nursing Bra

How to Choose a Right Comfortable Nursing Bra

What is a comfortable nursing bra?

A comfortable nursing bra is a specialized brassiere to assist breastfeeding in lactating mothers. Its specific design helps expose the mother's nipple for feeding her child without removing the bra. It can be open by using one hand only. There is no need to expose the whole breast that also compromises the privacy of a mother. A flap of cloth usually held by hooks or a simple clasp is enough to make your child feeding. For convenient breastfeeding, it is a must-have product for all lactating women. Now, look at a brief introduction of breastfeeding to answer how a comfortable nursing bra can make it very easy. 


Knowledge about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an optimal way to feed infants. Readily after the perinatal period, the mother's lactating tissues start to produce milk. This milk is the first feed of your child and protects him against various infections and diseases. Also, it allows physical and eye-to-eye contact between the mother and her child. No doubt, it is a fantastic feeling for both mother and her child. However, every mother must know about successful breastfeeding to nurture her child in the initial stages. A comfortable nursing bra has a significant role in successful breastfeeding as it adds convenience to this procedure. 

Many mothers that are lactating for the first time feel shy of feeding their child. So, it is essential to allow mothers and infants to remain together for 24 hours. Next, encourage breastfeeding to prevent the use of artificial teats or pacifiers. A comfortable nursing bra is the best way to help breastfeeding. A mother can conveniently feed her child by just opening a simple clasp or hook to expose nipples. But before choosing a supportive nursing bra for yourself, there are several factors to consider.


Notes on choosing a nursing bra

Measurement for an appropriate nursing bra is crucial, determined by the lactation consultant. For optimal support, you can choose a bra that has strong sides and an extra-wide back. The under-cup support also helps in attaining support to prevent milk from leaking. During pregnancy, a woman's bust size grows to 1 or 2 cup sizes. It usually happens in the last trimester. So, you should always concern the perfect size. Momcozy comfortable nursing bra is made of very comfortable fabric. It is flexible and can meet the needs of different cup sizes when mothers are breastfeeding.

 A mother feels her breast filling with milk after giving birth to the child. Women's breasts get swell and itchy once lactation starts. Therefore, a baby feeding bra should be comfortable to wear to avoid these complications. You should question the quality of the stuff used in making nursing bras. A skin-friendly fabric brings comfort to lactating mothers and a lifesaver to prevent infection and soreness.  

A comfortable nursing bra should possess a design that can be worn under casual clothes. It should be comfortable enough that you can wear it throughout the day. 

As you are looking for a convenient way to feed your child, the nursing bras should be soft and comfortable. At a time of lactation, a mother is prone to get infected by the microorganisms due to sensitive skin tissues. Your breast may feel heavy, itchy, and swollen at that time. It usually happens when you chose a tight or harsh stuffed bra that reduces milk supply and welcomes an environment to nourish microorganisms. So, choosing the right bra can refrain you from getting mastitis (extremely painful infection) or other diseases.


Why Momcozy

Momcozy comfortable nursing bra comes with a design and fabric that suits every lactating woman. A skin-friendly fabric- made up of 95% of cotton and 5% of spandex is a lifesaver as there are few chances of getting infected by using these comfortable bras. You can choose the perfect size for yourself that you can wear all day. In conclusion, our baby feeding bra is the best supportive nursing bra that satisfies your needs perfectly. 


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