How to Use a Breast Pump | Breast Pumping Tips

How to Use a Breast Pump | Breast Pumping Tips

Using a breast pump is the best alternative to keep giving the natural diet to your child. Also, breast milk pumping becomes necessary if the child is getting supplementary feed. Generally, during the first 6 to 8 months, mothers don't need to pump the breast milk for their babies because it is during this period of time that the relationship of mother-child establishes regarding the feeding. However, if you are facing issues while breastfeeding your child or you have to go to work, then you can opt to use a wearable breast pump. 

Types of breast pumps: 

There are a few types of breast pumps that include a manual breast pump, electric breast pump, and hand-free breast pump. There are also many benefits to using a breast pump. Many mothers have a misconception that breast pumping milk is not as good as normal breastfeeding. While you won't get the normal mother-baby interaction or contact with normal breastfeeding, there are several benefits of using a breast pump. Of course, in an ideal world where you have nothing to do and have plenty of time, natural breastfeeding is best! 

Are you using your breast pump the right way?  

Every mother would acknowledge the significance and special role of breastfeeding in her relationship with the child. However, breastfeeding activity can become overwhelming and daunting, especially when you are also going to work or having sleep problems, etc. Also, women face time management issues when it comes to attending to their husband or satisfying the nursing needs of your child. So, how are you planning to use a breast pump and manage the time effectively? Well, ward off all your worries because you are about to have the perfect breastfeeding tips through which you will learn to use a breast pump and make effective use of it. 

Step By Step Guide on How to Use A Breast Pump  

Here are a few of the most basic things that you need to know if you want to learn how to use a breast pump effectively. Remember, doing it the wrong way is not only frustrating but will also waste a lot of your time and energy. Here are the tips you'll need: 

    • When you are using a breast pump, sit at a quiet place, and take a relaxed position. 
    • To add in psychological reinforcements or stimulations, you can keep the blanket of your baby nearby or try visualizing the breast milk flowing out. Such visualizations help in the process. 
    • Read the instructions given in the manual of a breast pump very carefully. You need to do this for every different pump because they are all differently built and, therefore, functions differently. 
    • Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before using a breast pump. 
    • To be in a comfortable position, you may either place a shield cover over your breasts or the breast cup or then switch on the breast pump. 
    • Pick a working level for the Breast Pump that suits you. You may also use the manual mechanism of 'squeezing by hand.' 
    • Make sure that your breasts are positioned in a way so they don't get pinched while using a breast pump. 
    • You must keep in mind that the whole process of using a breast pump is painless; however, you may have to tolerate some discomfort or uneasiness. 
    • You must also make sure that you have the breast cup that fits your breast size perfectly (there are several sizes available). 
    • Make sure that you have thoroughly washed each part of the breast pump after using it! This is very important, as it concerns your hygiene and the health of your baby, as well. 

Although the experience of pumping out breast milk may not appear as sentimental as nursing your baby naturally, yet using a Breast Pump is one of the most reliable alternatives to natural breastfeeding. Now you don't have to worry about the process as you know the basic tips of using a breast pump.


Breast PumpingEasy Tips 

Pumping breast milk doesn't have to become painful or perhaps a chore. Following are a few easy ideas to boost the quantity of milk, generate pumping easier, and usually assist you in pumping. 

    • Pump Selection: Choice of the best pump is essential. Make sure that the pumps you've selected will come across your requirements. Mom who'll have to pump very rarely has different needs compared to mother who pumps many times each day.
    • Getting started Pumping: If you are rediscovering the reassurance of work, you can begin a few weeks just before your return. It sometimes helps you to nurse the infant somewhere while pumping alternatively to obtain within the "hang from it." This can also assist with disappointed issues and permit you to definitely build an urgent situation secretion.
    • Increasing Supplies: Pump more often instead of extended periods. Rather than pumping twice on your day for a long time, try pumping 3 or 4 shorter times. Pumping both breasts simultaneously might help.
    • Do not skip: Skipping a workout may have a negative impact on your breast milk supply. Do pumping for some minutes (instead of your usual period of time) can nonetheless be beneficial.
    • Holidays & Weekends: Make use of this time for special nursing. It can benefit keeping the milk supply abundant in addition to promote bonding between the baby and mother.
    • Baby Love: Everyone knows it's simpler to feed the infant compared to the pump. If disappointed, it is really a trouble for you personally having a pump, try watching photos of the baby while pumping. Several pump cases possess a spot created for this purpose. Some mom, in fact, taped the coos of their newborn and would hear in her own headsets while she pumped the milk.
    • No pumps: Utilizing a mechanical pump, either electric or hand, isn't the best way to express milk. Many moms work with hand expression. Although not many can make use of this way of working, however, it works very nicely to have an occasional requirement for expressed milk.

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