An Ultimate Guide to Know about Breast Pump for Working Moms

An Ultimate Guide to Know about Breast Pump for Working Moms

Are you looking forward to having a cute baby soon? Congrats, but you should be prepared for the challenges and responsibilities that will come along with the happiness. Breastfeeding is one of them, and it is especially a challenging task when you are a working mom. It is quite challenging for a working mom to breastfeed her newborn, but not if with the innovative breast pump. This article will act as an ultimate guide to know about a breast pump for working moms

What is a breast pump?

Suppose you are still not familiar with a breast pump. Let me tell you what it is? A breast pump is a mechanical device that mothers use to extract milk from their breasts. A breast pump massages your breast and helps you remove breast milk from your breasts, with can be fed to the baby or stored in a container for later use. It is specifically needed when you are working and not able to fulfill your child’s breastfeeding needs. A breast pump is designed to mimic the natural sucking pattern of a baby, and this pattern stimulates the milk. A typical setup of a breast pump includes a suction cup that fits your nipple, a funnel, and a storage bottle.  

Types of breast pumps

Depending upon the requirement and budget, a wide range of breast pumps is available for working moms. Some of the most common types of breast pumps for working moms are listed below, and you may choose from:

  1. Manual breast pump:A handle needs to be repeatedly squeezed with a trigger button to extract the milk. The manual breast pump is laborious to use, which is inconvenient for working mothers.
  2. Electric breast pump:The pumping is carried out automatically. This type of breast pump is needed for frequent breastfeeding. It is much stronger, efficient, and powerful. 
  3. Battery-operated breast pump:These kinds of breast pumps for working moms are small, compact, and portable. The battery can be replaced. 
  4. Bulb-style pump: It is also known as horn pumps because of their similar shape. These types of breast pumps are usually not preferred as they sometimes cause pain. 

Why do moms need to pump during breastfeeding?

Milk leakage may occur if not pumping breast milk in time. It is easy to wet mothers’ clothes when milk leaks. These accidents can make working mothers feel embarrassed during work.

Failure to pump breast milk in time will result in milk return, leading to less breast milk next time. Besides, not pumping breast milk in time can easily cause mastitis. Mastitis not only causes your breasts to be very painful but also causes physical discomfort, which will also affect the work of mothers.

Breastfeeding is a very healthy and essential thing for a newborn. But there are certain challenges for working moms. Because of them, moms are not able to carry out breastfeeding on time. But don’t worry, moms. A breast pump is there for your help, and it is designed to mimic the natural sucking pattern of your baby and stimulate milk flow from your breasts. It allows you to increase your milk supply for your baby even before the baby needs milk. The pump is very easy to use and is specifically designed for working moms.

How to use a breast pump?

Using a breast pump for working moms is a straightforward task. After buying the right type of breast pump for working moms, you need to read the instructions for safe and effective use. The following steps can come in handy for you:

  1. Wash your hands before using the breast pump
  2. Centre the nipple in the flange 
  3. Keep the pumping pace slow and steady. Remember that high speed and high sucking will not get you the most milk. 
  4. Stimulate what the baby does- As the baby sucks slow and low
  5. At least pump for some time
  6. Give your breast a short break, and then start pumping again. 
  7. You can store the extracted milk.

Momcozy has the best breast pump and breast pump bag to help working moms during breastfeeding. 

Suppose you find it hard to select the right type of breast pump for working moms. Always remember Momcozy, which is the number one choice of working moms from all around the world. 

5 levels hands-free breast pump- S9

The 5 levels hands-free breast pump S9 is a very powerful breast pump for working moms. The device can be worn inside a standard nursing bra. The device is automatic and hands-free. The breast pump for working moms makes it possible to breast pump anywhere, anytime. Some of the amazing features of the products include:

5 adjustable suction levels and 2 modes

Made up of safe material

24 mm Flange size

50-70 minutes of usage time

Automatically shuts off when 20 minutes using

The device is very convenient, compact, and easy to use. 

Momcozy breast pump bag

As a working mom, you need to carry a lot of baby stuff with you. Momcozy has designed a bag keeping in mind all your needs. With the big capacity, you can easily lay bottles, sippy cups, diapers inside. And special removable middle layer design is helpful for separating dry space from moist space. It can also be used as a lunch bag due to the thick insulation layer structure keeps the temperature for 5 hours. A two-way unique zipper helps to open the bag easily. The detachable buckle is designed for hanging on a stroller. Momcozy pumping backpack is your perfect companion for the breastfeeding period.

Momcozy produces the best breast pump for working moms. Moms from all around the world have firm trust in our services. You can be one of them; contact us today. 


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