Celebrating Motherhood: Real Stories From Real Moms

Celebrating Motherhood: Real Stories From Real Moms

In August, we took the time to connect even more closely with our community of powerful and brilliant moms. We interviewed two mamas with different experiences and advice to share with you all. We learned a lot from chatting with Kalliope and Kelsey about their journey to motherhood, their trials and errors with breastfeeding, their secret tips on how to find the time for self-care and side projects. But for most and for all, we felt empowered by their mottos and liberated by the realness of their stories.

We hope that their stories will have the same effects on you to make you feel better and prouder of everything you’re already doing for your baby.

Let’s review some of the highlights of our conversations with Kalliope and Kelsey!

But first, let’s get to know each mama more closely.


Meet Kalliope

Kalliope McAllister is a lovely and powerful mom of four beautiful babies - including 7-months old Marcellus - who lives in Iowa, U.S. She shared some insights on her experience as a mom and how she balanced her work as a nurse with taking care of her son.

Click here to read the full interview with Kalliope!


Meet Kelsey

Kelsey Lewandowski (IG @kelseylewandowski) is a talented content creator and mama of two beautiful babies living in California. She talks to us about her breastfeeding journey, postpartum advice, and what she loves about being a mom.

Click here to read the full interview with Kelsey!


1. You often dont know what youre doing, and thats okay

Kalliope - “Asking for help is okay, and breastfeeding is not as natural as some people think. Breastfeeding doesn’t just “happen.” It does take practice so that your baby and you both will have to learn how to do it. It’s a learning process, and don’t be afraid to ask for help because you often don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s okay.”

2. Go with the flow and learn day by day

Kelsey - “I would say "go with the flow," as it's all you really can do. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, especially if things will not work out the way you thought they would. Learn day by day, as things change so quickly. Your schedule can change; you may not be able to produce that much and more. Besides, don't be shy to ask for help. People around you are there to help you, so reach out to your spouse, relatives, and friends. It's also nice to have a break sometimes.”

3. You can’t control everything, and that’s fine this way

Kelsey - “My second pregnancy was so different from my first one. My daughter had some health concerns and the fact that my doctors had me induced I wasn't prepared for all of that, but then I realized that everything would be fine anyway. What's meant to be, it's meant to be. You can't control everything, and that's fine this way

Kelsey - “Being a mom gets easier every day. It's such a natural thing that I didn't have to think too much about it. You get an instinct to care for them. I would say don't stress out and worry about everything. Don't set expectations because if you get let down, you don't want to blame yourself. Things happen, and you can't control everything.”

4. Find time for yourself

Kelsey - “Consider that if you feel overwhelmed, you will not be the best mom for your kids because you're too stressed out. It's nice to take time for yourself. Your identity didn't go away just because you had kids.”

Kelsey - “Breastfeeding and pumping is a full-time job, so make sure to find time for self-care, too”

5. Every baby is different: find what suits you and your baby

Kelsey - “My first experience with breastfeeding was so easy. However, this experience was much harder. In general, my experiences were very different with my two babies. Every baby is different, and you need to learn what your baby likes and what is easier for you.

Kalliope - “Breastfeeding needs to be a one-on-one thing between baby and mom.

The Wrap Up

We celebrate mothers and motherhood for a simple reason: moms have a tremendous impact on the world we live in. Just like Kalliope and Kelsey, every mom has an inspiring story to share.

Motherhood is a learning process that takes time, patience, and commitment to master. It is also an experience that will fill your days with a mix of purpose, joy, and hardships. But, in the end, it’s all more than worth it!

We are grateful to Kalliope and Kelsey for sharing their stories and experiences with us all.  

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