A Working Mom’s Best Bets for Baby Registry

A Working Mom’s Best Bets for Baby Registry


It can be overwhelming and emotional for any new mom when she is going back to work after maternity leave. There are plenty of things that a new mom keeps track of, so it is hard to decide what to include your baby registry. If you are a new mom and started your pumping session to build the milk stash for your baby (which is also a hard job in itself) and you don’t know where to start, fret not, here we are going to share what items you can include in your baby registry being a working woman. Are you are ready? Let’s get into it!


Changing Table / Dresser

If you have limited space, a changing table dresser combo is a great convenience. You should shop for the right combo because some include changing table pads and some do not. You will also want to make certain that the changing table dresser has a safety belt or straps or be prepared to add them yourself.


Bottle & Bottle Starter Kits for bottle feed kids

While trying to keep your baby on a feeding schedule may be difficult at times, you may also wonder if your baby is getting enough to eat. There is a very easy way to tell if your baby is getting full on the amount of formula you are giving him. Once you are done feeding your baby, and the bottle is empty, you take it away from him. If your baby cries, this may be a sign that he is ready for the feeding amount to be increased about an ounce. If you take your baby's bottle away after he is finished and he acts perfectly happy, you will know that the amount of formula that you are feeding your baby is enough.


Baby Diaper’s Bag

You will want to have room for a change of clothes, diapers, a baby bottle cooler, jars of baby food and the list gets bigger as your baby ages or you go outside. You can select a huge tote style diaper bag, or you might want to use more than one diaper bag every time, one for clothes and diapers and the other for formula and food. Regardless, you will be amazed at the styles and features of diaper bags that you can choose from.


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a convenient way to clean your baby's bottom. You will be happier if you select a brand that has thick, soft cloth-like wipes. Some generic brands are adequate and get the job done, but they aren't as soft as name brand baby wipes; you know how much you appreciate a soft toilet tissue, so apply that same knowledge to your baby's needs and you will be set.


Wipes Warmer

Baby wipe warmers plug into the outlet and run on electricity. You set the wipes, in the plastic container, inside the wipe warmer. It wraps around the container, heating up and warming those wipes for baby's soft sweet behind.


Breast Shields

Soft shields massage the breasts during pumping; soothe sore nipples and increases milk flow. Find the right size as they are catered to accommodate smaller and larger nipples. This is not necessary if the breast pump that you buy comes with a shield that fits you. Additionally, if you are buying separately, make sure the shields work with the brand of the pumps that you are using.


Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are high tech now and actually do more than blast the sound of a crying child into the next room. Some can sense movement, sound and even have video monitors for watching over your newborn. Some offer walkie talkie features that allow you to talk into the room the child is in. A four hundred foot range is great for a large home. Volume control is also another good option. A baby monitor with clear reception and a rechargeable receiver are other things that we would look for in a good monitor. Some monitors can alert you if no movement is felt, if baby were to stop breathing. Two channels would prevent interference. With a video monitor, one would have the option to hear and visualize the child. The camera can be placed near the crib or wall mounted in the play room or day care. When the babysitter comes over and puts the child to bed, simply turn on the monitor and you can be updated with audio and visual on the infant. This is great for those with multi-level homes.


Nursing Pillows

If you are breast feeding your newborn, you are probably looking for the perfect nursing pillow for you and your baby. Nursing pillows are great for feeding time, and they can be used even when you are not feeding your baby. You will find that they can be purchased most anywhere that nursing and baby items can be found.

A nursing pillow is mostly used to help support your baby while you are breast feeding. The pillow gives your baby the support that he needs, and helps you to hold him in the right position for feeding. When you use a pillow to help you support your little one, you will find that you will not get tired as fast, and as much.


Wearable Hand Free Breast Pump

Lactation experts said that it is better to invest in wearable breast pump if you are to pump breast milk more than once per day. Choosing a breast pump will either give you success or failure in breastfeeding. Electric breast pumps give you the ability to express your breast milk fast, with ease, and efficiently. Here are some of the best electric breast pumps available in the market today.


Hand Free Pumping Bra

Hand free pumping bra is a great ally for the working moms. Momcozy hands free pumping bra comes in various sizes from small to X-large. The breast shields can be easily inserted while wearing it. You don’t have to remove your clothing or garments to put it on. The seamless cup design also prevents nipple and breast irritation, something that happens with other breast pumps in the market. Wireless cups also allows fluctuation in breast size while breastfeeding.


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