Baby Burp Cloths: Why it Essential for New Moms?

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When the baby arrives, we do not really ask the question of which burp cloths to choose to protect baby's clothes from the mess. Indeed, we will often buy the classic fabric burp cloths. But sometimes it doesn't work, and you quickly looked for solutions and found the flexible collection burp cloths.

In other cases, if your delivery date is fast approaching and you want to buy baby burp cloths and don't know what the best burp cloths are then you have come to the right page. Have you thought about all the things that make up his birth trousseau? Among them are the baby burp cloths. In cotton, terry cloth, or even Cotton chenille, it protects your child after breastfeeding. It helps prevent milk stains on clothes.

But which burp cloths should you use?

The burp cloths are part of the baby's layette. You will need it from birth in the maternity ward. Whether you are breast-feeding or bottle-feeding your baby, burp cloths are essential.

The burp cloths are used to protect your child and to wipe his small mouth gently. For a start, choose a set of baby-sized burp cloths in cotton, terry cloth, or organic cotton so as not to irritate his fragile skin. Place it on your shoulder that protects your clothes from baby's spit-up, drools, feeding, and burping.

baby burp cloths

How many baby burp cloths?

We advise you for a newborn to have about 8 to 10 burp cloths available per day to be sure that your little one always stays clean and dry after feeding.

  • Count on average about ten burp cloths in all in order to have time to machine wash them if you do not do one laundry per day.
  • At the time of teething, the baby will tend to drool often because he will want to nibble everything he can. Then plan a little more burp cloths (4 or 5)

How to choose baby burp cloths?


The burp cloths are one of the essential baby accessories, and when choosing your child's burp cloths, be aware that there are different sizes. When your child is born, either you choose breastfed or bottle-feed; you can definitely use small burp cloths. However, if your baby has a tendency to regurgitate or drool a lot, large burp cloths will be very useful. Then as he grows older, moms will need to use larger burp cloths to cover the baby's torso. These will better protect the baby (and his clothes) from possible accidents!


There are different materials for making burp cloths such as cotton, terry cotton, or smoke cotton. The classic burp cloths are those in terry cotton. Whether they are organic or synthetic cotton, you will find very cute printed or embroidered burp cloths. They are very practical because they are very absorbent. However, although the fabric burps cloths are machine washable, the most stubborn stains are difficult to remove unless you have a good stain remover? In the end, they will not really fulfill the role of the burp cloths, which is to protect the baby's clothes.


Of course, there will always be the aesthetic part to take into account when making your choice. The burp cloths are an essential accessory that is also often offered as a birth gift. Indeed, it is quite possible to offer personalized burp cloths with a printed fabric. Anyway, you can completely opt for original or more classic burp cloths; you will have the choice! The main thing is that it is easily washable and protective!


Are Burp Cloths Necessary?

Some moms think that they won't need the baby burp cloths because their baby won't spit up if they feed them very slowly. But it is not true as there are nearly 50% of babies spit up after feeding on a regular basis. While the rest of 50% of babies spit up occasionally-means, they don't spit up more frequently, but you don't know when it will happen. Although spitting up can be problematic, but burping is a completely normal thing in the baby's development.

When the babies drink the milk more than normal, then the air builds up in their digestive tract, and they release that pressure. Burping is the best way to releasing that pressure. So, don't fret if your little one has continuous spitting up. If the amount of spitting up is low, then it is just fine. All you need to have the burp cloths to protect yours and baby's clothes from that mess.

When Should I Start Using Burp Cloths?

Before the birth of the baby, you should buy the baby burp cloths. However, some babies might not spit up after their birth, but you should stock up before bringing him home from the maternity center. You can lay it on your shoulder after breastfeeding when you burp your baby because you don't know when spitting up would happen. So you should be cautious and always burp cloths on hand. It becomes the real savior when you wear a nice outfit, and you don't want your costly outfit to be destroyed.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best burp cloths at an affordable price, then Momcozy's baby burp cloths are a good option among all. You can buy the burp cloths in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes that help you protect your baby's clothes. The good thing about it is that you can even buy the set of baby burp cloths without taking the toll to your wallet.

They come in the terry cloth and cotton material with more absorption capability and won't irritate your little one. If your baby has more spit up, cotton burp cloths can help you as they are more absorbent. Although your baby will outgrow that burping phase in some months, you might need the best baby burp cloths to keep your baby cleaner. We hope this guide will help you. Either you are a new mom or mom of two; share your burping tips with us in the comment box!

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