Baby Feeding Schedule: A Guide to the First Year

Baby Feeding Schedule: A Guide to the First Year

Sleep, eat, pee, poop, and repeat are the highlights in a day of a newborn's life. If you are a new mom, the feeding part needs your worry and attention. Do you want to wake a sleeping baby for feeding? It is important to fill your baby's tummy to avoid hunger since this is important for their proper sleep and longer sleeping pattern. For this purpose, you need to focus on how to get on a feeding schedule. Yes, after six months, you need to add some solids to the baby’s diet other than breastfeeding.

When children start eating, it is important to introduce them to soft food first and make their environment friendly and entertaining while feeding. You can use feeding bibs with a variety of images on them. This is the factor that encourages them to eat more. 

Baby Feeding Schedule By Age

From the first day, the baby's stomach size is smaller, and it can hold one and a half tablespoons of liquid at a time. As the child grows, the size of the stomach stretches. It is impossible and hard to manage more milk for babies. In the first four months, you do not need to include any solids in their diet. They must be fed on milk only. You need to make a schedule for your kid to feed either breastmilk or other milk. At the age of 4 months, you can start with soft foods like well-chopped finger foods, mashed fruit, pureed vegetables, and meats.

At a time, give a new food to your baby. To growing children, doctors prescribe supplements or other breast formula milk to improve their health and growth.

How Often Should Your Baby Eat?

Babies cannot eat much at a time. They need to eat after short intervals. In the early weeks after their birth, they need milk after two hours, and this period of feeding increases by age. When a child becomes healthy and grows bigger, he takes four hours between two meals.

If you want to increase their food interest, then make it comfortable and delicious for them. Provide their favorite food every time. Use baby silicone bibs, if you are giving them liquids like juices or others. These bibs are highly easy to use and remove. Most of the time children do not like wearing bibs because it irritates them. These silicone bibs are comfy for kids.

 Always pick the clothing for your baby that have delicate material and soft stuff. In case you are buying feeding bibs, it must be smooth. The rough or hard surface of the bibs can cause rashes on their soft skin. To avoid this condition, you must consider the quality of the item. It is good to buy items that are hypoallergenic for them.

You must know about the taste of your kids, whether they like the sweet taste or salty. In the market, you will get a variety of package food for your kids as per their taste.

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