Baby Shower Gifts - Clothing and Grooming Gift Ideas

10 Gift Ideas For Baby Boys, Girls & Twins!

Are you invited to a baby shower and have no idea what gifts to give to the mother-to-be? Don't panic; this guide is made for you. We have unearthed original, fun, and nice gift ideas to offer to mom, but also gift ideas for the baby adapted according to sex if known.

As a reminder:

A baby shower or also called a "prenatal party" is a party in honor of the future mother and the baby that takes place during pregnancy. The idea is to spend some time with girlfriends and play games, riddles - etc. - around pregnancy.

If the mother-to-be has opened a birth list before you go for a gift where you are not sure of yourself, you can take a look and give you some ideas.


You are invited to a baby shower from a friend, colleague, or other who is expecting a baby girl, and you want to give present to this future little princess. Here's a cute baby shower gift list for girls.

best baby washcloths

Girl clothes

Clothes for a little girl are among the best gifts, simply because the collections are so cute. Gifting a cute top or a little dress to future parents and imagining this little girl wearing it is a nice way to pamper them. In addition, we have to admit it to ourselves; when you're a parent, you never have enough baby clothes. You can even choose personalized clothing such as a bodysuit or baby washcloths, for example. If you are looking for the best baby washcloths, look no further, visit Momcozy site to buy them. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can also purchase an outfit to match a mom or dad outfit. The blow of heart guaranteed!


Baby slings are more and more popular with future parents, first of all, because they are practical and free up the arms. Parents can be closer to their baby while doing other things. It is the ideal accessory for walks too. This sling will bring parents closer to their baby, and the benefits for the latter are numerous: feeling of security, comfort, and bond with parents. You will find very pretty models that will certainly charm parents.

Awakening games

Awakening games are great gift ideas; they will allow the little girl to develop while having fun: thinking and motor skills. These games are a gold mine to stimulate awakening in children. You will find them in all styles and for all tastes. We have a particular crush on wooden toys; parents love them! You can also turn to audiobooks or even with textures; children love them, and this will help establish the little ritual of the evening reading.


Boy clothes

Here is a gift idea that we will never get tired of! Boy's clothes are always a treat for parents. A nice bodysuit, little shoes, or even little sweaters to keep him warm in winter. We never have enough clothes, especially for a baby when you know the number of times you have to change it. Do you want to touch your parents in the heart? Why not choose an item of clothing that will match daddy's outfit? Moms can only be seduced by this kind of gift.


Here is a gift idea at a low price for a great use! The pacifier is the ally of parents to calm a baby's crying. You will find all kinds of them: colors, animals, cartoons. You can also choose originality with pacifiers in the shape of a mustache, a little touch of humor that will certainly charm parents! The ideal is to take several, so parents will never run out, no matter where they are.

Plush Stuffed toys

Ah, soft plush animal toys, what would we do without them? Not much; moreover, it is the crisis every time we forget the blanket somewhere. A beautiful blanket will be a nice gift for a baby since he will take it everywhere. A character or even an animal who will become his best friend! And if you want to plan ahead, buy it in several copies, parents will thank you for this attention that will prevent them from panicking shopping to find exactly the same!

Wooden games

Toys are one of the favorite gifts of parents, especially because you can never have enough. Our hearts balance, especially for wooden games with a vintage design that charm all parents. You will find them for all ages; you can also choose toys that will allow the baby to work on his awakening: letters in cubes, plaques where you have to put the animals according to their shapes, and small wooden trains.

Bath towels - bathrobe - bathrobe

If the bath is a time enjoyed by parents, the outing can be more complicated, especially when the baby is older and loves to play in the water. So you can choose a gift that will be very useful to them at this time. We love the bathrobes with animal-shaped hoods. Parents are crazy about it and love taking photos of their newborn babies when they get out of the bath. This gift will be practical and very useful.


Twin stroller

Here is a gift idea on which you can never be mistaken! Bibs and pacifiers are essential, and with twins, you have to multiply the quantities. You can't even count the number of bibs parents use in a day to protect clothes. So do not hesitate to take lots with several models. What is the ideal gift idea? Offer matching pacifiers and bibs for both babies; parents will love it.

Matching clothes

There is nothing cuter than seeing two little twins with matching clothes. These clothes will invite parents to answer the fatal question: "how do we tell them apart?" Except if it's a boy and a girl. This gift will be very happy to future parents who will project themselves alongside their adorable babies. You will find adorable and trendy collections in stores or on the internet that are sure to please!

Bottom Line

If the baby shower concerns a future mother who has already had one or more children, there is a good chance that she already has all the necessary materials and equipment for the baby. In this case, go more towards a gift for the mother-to-be.

You will understand, it is not the ideas in the end that are lacking. Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. We hope this guide has helped you. If this is the case, do not hesitate to share it by email, Facebook, or others. If other gift ideas come to you, we are interested, share with us in the comment box!

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