Benefits Of Swaddling With 7 Swaddle Safety Tips

Benefits Of Swaddling With 7 Swaddle Safety Tips


Do you want to know the secret to have a calm and happy baby? It is swaddling. It is a method where you wrap your newborn in baby swaddle blankets. Here are the many benefits of swaddling and seven safety tips you should keep in mind while swaddling.

Benefits Of Swaddling

Here are the many benefits of wrapping your baby in muslin swaddle blankets:

  • They will sleep longer
  • Swaddling babies reduces their anxiety
  • It helps prevent babies from flailing their legs and arms
  • It helps keep the baby warm
  • It helps the baby to feel safe as they adjust to the world
  • Helps maintain the back-sleeping position of the baby
  • Swaddled babies sleep more, which means you can get your sleep too

Swaddling Safety Tips

Now that you know all the benefits of swaddling, here are seven safety tips you should exercise when swaddling your newborn in a baby swaddle blankets:

#1. Tighten It Accurately

Swaddle with such accuracy that the blanket doesn't unravel after a while. A loose swaddle defeats the purpose, so it should always be tight but comfortable enough for your baby.

#2. Avoid Over-Swaddling

Yes, there is a thing such as over-swaddling. Many people may do this by using two or more muslin swaddle blankets. It is a mistake because this can lead to overheating. So, always swaddle enough to allow ventilation.

#3. Make Sure It Is Not Too Tight

Don't use a blanket at home to swaddle. Instead, get baby swaddle blankets especially designed for this purpose. It will naturally hug the baby while allowing some movement, so the baby doesn't feel too restricted.

#4. Hands Over Heart Is An Ideal Position For Swaddling

Many parents keep the baby's hands by their sides. However, in the long-run, this may limit their mobility. So, before you wrap the swaddle, ensure that the hands are on the heart.

#5. Don’t Keep The Baby Swaddled All Day

Just like us, babies also need some movement so they can come to learn their bodies. So, always keep some time where the baby isn't swaddled so he or she can move freely. The best time for swaddling is bedtime.

#6. Place Your Baby On Its Back For Sleeping

Sleeping on the tummy is not good for babies and adults alike. Whenever your baby is tied in a baby swaddle blankets, ensure that he or she sleeps on the back. Sleeping on the tummy can cause them to heat up quickly, and you wouldn't want that.

#7. Never Swaddle From The Neck-Up

Last but not least, swaddling is only for the body. Don't swaddle your baby's head or neck, as that can lead to overheating. Besides that, it is not good for the health of the baby. So, always keep the head, neck, and ears free.

Final Words

It is always good to exercise safety when dealing with a baby. That is why swaddling should be done with care, and instead of using blankets or random pieces of cloths, you should always invest in swaddle baby blankets. They will provide the utmost comfort and allow your baby to sleep peacefully.

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