Breastfeeding Products You Need When Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding Products You Need When Breastfeeding Your Baby

If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, there are a few products that can quickly become essential to do it in good condition. We have prepared for you a list of the 9 most useful products to live this period in the best conditions. These products will make your life a lot easier. Now it's up to you to know what will bring more to your life as a mother. 

hands free pumping bra

Nursing bra

The most requested item of breastfeeding is a nursing bra. This is why specific models have been put in place. The best have two uses. First, they have detachable parts designed to allow breastfeeding without necessarily having to uncover the entire breast. It means ease, speed, and modesty. And then, they are reinforced at the level of support to less stress the back. As breastfeeding tends to make the breasts heavier, it can cause pain and discomfort. A good nursing bra minimizes this consequence.


The nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is not made to put your baby on it; instead, it is an easy and practical product to help moms during feedings to keep their arms under the baby's increasing weight. Remember that feedings can be long and especially repetitive throughout the day and night (8 to 12 feedings per day). The nursing pillow should be quite firm and you will find it in two ways: in mattress material or filled with small balls. In all cases, it must be comfortable. It can also be used before childbirth to relieve your back during the night when your belly begins to take up space and weight.


Lanolin nipple cream

Due to the lanolin-based protection cream, you will be able to protect your nipples before and during breastfeeding. This natural oil found in sheep's wool works by creating a barrier on the surface of your nipples. Indeed, used in the prevention, lanolin will allow you to maintain your skin's natural level of hydration and soften your nipple. Your nipples will be prepared to receive your baby's feedings. You can also use lanolin to avoid the appearance of crevices and to relieve the irritations that your baby causes from repeated sucking.

For those who already have crevices, the use of lanolin will be miraculous by reducing the pain very quickly, allowing you to continue breastfeeding your child. Choose 100% natural to avoid any type of allergy. Odorless and tasteless, lanolin-based nipple protection cream is to be used without moderation before and after feedings. This cream is absolutely safe for your child. With clean hands, soften a small amount between fingers and apply all over the nipple after feeding or when needed. Nipple cream does not need to be removed before feeding.


Nursing dress

The nursing dress is made to help you breastfeed your baby. Some dresses are generally too tight, having no opening at the level of your chest and, therefore, not suitable for breastfeeding in public places. Breastfeeding dresses have easy openings like fake heart wraps, allowing you to breastfeed freely in public without having to show your chest. They turn out to be very practical to keep your femininity while breastfeeding.



The nipple is the part of the breast from which the milk comes out, is widely used during breastfeeding. It quickly becomes sensitive when you start breastfeeding. Without becoming painful, it can be a source of irritation for the mother. It is not completely absurd to think of protecting it. There are several solutions mainly in the form of discrete shells, sometimes in plastic and sometimes in seashells. Placed right on the nipple, they protect sensitive skin while sliding delicately under clothes without damaging them either.


The breast pump

The most classic and best-known breastfeeding aid equipment is the breast pump (there are two types: electric or manual). Placed on the breast and connected to a container, it allows breast milk to be collected without necessarily having the baby suckle. Placed in a bottle, the milk retains its specificities but can be used to feed the child in places and, at times, less favorable to breastfeeding directly from the breast. Most of the models are manual and involve the mom making the same movement as if there was a baby to feed. But some suggest automation of the process, where the breast pump is placed and take care of expressing the milk while the mom can take care of something else.


Breastfeeding pad

Indispensable accessories, nursing pads allow mothers to stay dry. Difficult to control, leaks are never very pleasant. Thus, the nursing pads placed in your bra will help you to retain leaks and therefore stay dry without staining your clothes. There are two kinds of models available for purchase: washable breast pads that you will find in fabric or cotton or even bamboo, and disposable breast pads. The choice will be up to you. Do not neglect the quality of your pads; the number one choice criterion must be the absorption capacity.


Hand-free pumping bra:

A hands-free pumping bra is designed to simplify the extraction of breast milk anywhere and anytime. In other words, this product makes the expression of milk more pleasant. Indeed, while drawing milk, mom saves time to be able to take care of other tasks. The hands-free nursing bra saves time. It is particularly practical for mothers who find it difficult to hold the breast shields in place. With a pumping bra, it is now possible to easily collect breast milk on each rise. This makes it possible to stimulate milk production more and to express it out longer.


Nursing cape or scarf

The nursing cape or scarf is a safe way to breastfeed outside while maintaining an element of privacy. They will serve to protect you from prying eyes while providing your baby with a cocoon that recreates a feeling of closeness and security even outside. The nursing scarf can also be a fashion accessory that can help you hide your postnatal curves.

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