Choosing Nursing Bra Over Regular Bra For Breastfeeding

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Your breastfeeding time is highly crucial, so you should make the best decisions when it comes to the type of bra you wear. Yes, your bra type can make a lot of difference to your breastfeeding experience. 

You should be considering a nursing bra over a regular bra for breastfeeding. Don’t rely on an ordinary bra to give you the same features that a nursing bra would. Instead, choose nursing bras so that your entire breastfeeding period goes smoothly. 


Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Regular Bra While Breastfeeding

Before we get to why you should wear a nursing bra while breastfeeding, let’s help you understand why a regular bra isn’t the best thing out there for you. 

  • Uncomfortable

One of the main reasons that you should not wear a regular bra while breastfeeding is because of the comfort levels. Your bra will surely have underwire and that can be the most uncomfortable thing ever while you breastfeed. But why is this so? 

Well, mainly because your breasts are extremely sore and tender as you breastfeed. If you make them undergo the torture of underwire, then you will surely be uncomfortable throughout your breastfeeding period. 

  • Clogged Ducts

Ordinary bras don’t have the same functionality that nursing bras do. They push into your breasts and can cause your milk ducts to clog. You do not want this to happen as this can easily reduce your milk supply. 

If you have clogged ducts, then you will be stressed about not having enough milk to feed your baby. So, you’re already trying to do your best as a new mom, but with clogged ducts, your stress levels will be shooting through the roof!

  • Inflexible 

You will find your breasts to increase as you go about breastfeeding. This is normal and you’re bound to experience it if you decide to breastfeed. If you go on using your regular bra, then you will find it tugging on your skin. Now, you do not want this to happen because it will lead to more uncomfortableness for you. 

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Advantages Of Wearing A Nursing Bra From Breastfeeding 

Now, let’s move onto understanding how a nursing bra is the best fit for your breastfeeding needs. 

  1. Comfortable

One of the best things about a nursing bra is that it is meant for your breastfeeding period. This means that its production considers the comfort levels for a mother. So, you will surely be left feeling much more comfortable as you go about wearing a nursing bra. 

Also, you will find that there is no underwiring in these bras! So, you can say goodbye to those pesky features that feel like they are digging into your skin. Instead, you will remain much more comfortable throughout. 

  1. Safe For You

Nursing bras are the ideal type of bra that every breastfeeding mother should wear. Mostly because it offers no drawbacks and is completely safe for you to use. Moreover, it only helps you throughout the process of breastfeeding. 

There are zero dangers associated with wearing a nursing bra. Instead, there is a multitude of benefits, and benefits only! 

  1. Multiple Layers

Ordinary bras do not have multiple layers on them mostly because they’re not built to save you from those pesky leaks. Nursing bras, on the other hand, have multiple layers that will help ensure that you remain stain-free as you go about nursing. 

It is common to leak while you’re breastfeeding just by the thought of your baby or when feeding time is close. Ordinary bras will require you to layer up on nursing pads to keep the stains away. Nursing bras have built-in multiple layers, so you do not have to worry about this. 

  1. Convenient To Use

You will find that nursing bras come with extreme convenience when it comes to their use. They have clasps that can help you uncover your breast without having to shift the entire bra. So, rather than trying your best to get your breast out of your ordinary bra, you will have a strategically placed clasp that can help you uncover your breast for feeding time. 

Also, you can use your nursing bra as a hands-free pumping bra. It is super convenient to use and will offer you a great range of benefits!

  1. Better Support

Now, everyone’s good with everything else, but when it comes to the support of nursing bras, women think that they aren’t any good. That’s not true at all! Instead, your nursing bra will give you more support than any other ordinary bra!

How is this so? Well, firstly, the cups are much more comfortable and flexible, so as you go about using a nursing bra, it will adjust to how your breasts are increasing. Moreover, there are additional hooks at the back, so that you can also adjust it accordingly! Lastly, you get wider straps in nursing bras. So, the wider the strap is, the more support you get for your breasts. 

  1. Continuous Nursing

One of the key issues is about bras affecting your milk supply. Luckily for you, nursing bras ensure that you can nurse easily and continuously, without blocking your milk ducts! Be aware that ordinary bras might do this. 

Continuous nursing means that you and your baby are happy throughout the breastfeeding time! To amp this process up, you can also get yourself the best pumping bra to get with your breast pumps. This way, you will always have a decent milk supply stored and you will worry less. 

  1. Good For Health

You might be wondering how nursing bras are good for health. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that your nursing bra can ensure that there is adequate blood circulation in your body. There will be no blockage due to underwire, and you will be comfortable ad happy throughout the use! 

Make sure that you invest in a high-quality nursing bra to limit the discomfort that comes with breastfeeding. You don’t want to add more to it by choosing a regular bra. Instead, go for a nursing bra so that it sits well on your skin and keeps you comfortable throughout your breastfeeding time! 

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