Essentials That a Newborn's Mother Must Have!

Essentials That a Newborn's Mother Must Have!

When we enter the wonderful world of motherhood, we begin to receive lots of advice, often well-intentioned; it is not necessarily less stressful because obviously, no one has the same opinion. If you are a new mom and want to know what essentials you should have after the arrival of your newborn baby, you have come to the right page. Here, we will discuss the essentials of a newborn’s mother, must-have. Let’s get into it!

 hands free nursing bra

Nursing bra

The nursing bra provides support for the breasts when you are breastfeeding. To choose the right size, it is advisable to wait until after childbirth. It must above all be practical, that is to say, that it can be removed with one hand to be able to hold the baby with the second. Likewise, it must be comfortable so as not to compress the breasts. Fashion for pregnant women has developed. From now on, you find very aesthetic models that make you forget the old bras. If you are working mom or want to do multitasking, a hands-free nursing bra is the best option for you.


Nursing outfits

When you breastfeed, especially outside the home, choosing the right outfit is always a headache, the goal being to show as little skin as possible. A suitable solution is to wear a top separate from the bottom for convenience. This top should open at the front like a blouse. From now on, you no longer have to choose between practicality and aesthetics. Stylists compete for ideas to design clothes suitable for breastfeeding. So you find dresses, tunics, among others, allowing you to breastfeed your baby in all discretion easily.


Breast pads:

To protect against overflow, breast pads are available in washable or disposable. They are not great for not having enough milk, and not great for mothers who have too much milk because of the continuous stimulation. Washable items may have a waterproof part for those breasts that are overflowing a lot.


The nursing pillow

The breastfeeding pillow is very useful for pregnant and new moms, especially to prop up your stomach at night and allow you to sleep in peace. If you have purchased it, it is recommended to breastfeed your baby, especially twins, provided you choose the right position. Contrary to popular belief, it is not used to rest the newborn during the feeding, but it acts as an armrest. So the baby's weight is distributed over your chest and no longer on your arm, it allows you to support your child.


Baby carrier

A baby carrier or a sling is a must-have for every new mom out there. If you like to walk or do all kinds of activities without being encumbered with a stroller, the baby carrier is a must. It can be handy for little babies who always want to be glued to mom or dad even at home. Again, depending on your needs, you will choose a baby carrier or a baby sling.


The breast pump and hands-free pumping bra

There are several models of breast pumps, manual or electric. They are increasingly efficient by recreating the child's sucking mechanism. In maternity and at discharge, this accessory is sometimes prescribed to promote lactation. It will be provided to you at the pharmacy. For information, we use other "homemade" processes to increase the quantity of milk, such as breastfeeding tea.

Alternatively, use the hands-free pumping bra, it is very practical and hassles free way to express milk, especially if you are an active mother. You express your milk, for example, at your workplace, so that it can be given to your baby while you are away. Remember to refrigerate it and respect the conservation rules.


The nursing collar

The necklace is one of the essentials to have for breastfeeding, but it will not suit all moms. You put it around your neck, which keeps baby busy while feeding and prevents her from pulling your hair or playing with your skin.

Among the breastfeeding jewelry, there is also the ring that identifies the breast given during the last feed.


Breast milk heater

Less sexy, but very effective and difficult to find, the breast milk heater will save time for breastfeeding mothers when they want to heat up their milk in stock.


Diaper bag

A diaper bag is inevitable. Moreover, the sooner it is well stocked, the faster you will go outside! You will, of course, put diapers and wipes, but also a spare pajamas (or 2), a small rattle to make baby wait, an extra blanket, a hat, etc.


Nipple cream:

The nipple cream will certainly not fail to tell you to take care of your nipples and your areolas. Some mothers develop cracks or lesions, causing pain that is sometimes difficult to bear. To avoid them and, if necessary, relieve them, the nipples must be softened. Nipple cream is less dry and less sensitive; nipples will ultimately be less painful. If you have a serious problem, special breastfeeding bust treatments are available on the market. All of them aim to protect and soothe your nipple while remaining 100% safe for your baby.


Peri bottles:

The perineum is the area that is most affected after giving birth. It will become sore, and you will do anything for quick recovery. That’s where the peri bottles come in. They are too much important for the postpartum self-care routine. The hospital will likely supply one peri bottle, but most women don’t know how to use it. We recommend you have a kit of peri bottles and consult with your doctor or midwife how to use it. That way, you can keep it in each bathroom and use it without waddle through the home to find your single peri bottle. All you need to fill the bottle with warm water and spray it on your perineum to clean it after using the toilet. They use the tissue paper to pat dry your bottom gently. It is a true postpartum essential that every new mom needs!

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