Everything You Need to Know About Bibs

Everything You Need to Know About Bibs


Bibs are including in the list of big B's along with blankets and bottles that every new parent needs. Babies love to make a mess during mealtime or feeding. He likes a sensual spill on his tiny clothes regardless of how tasty the meal is. So, you need to wash your little one's clothes after every feeding or meal. And that's where baby silicone bibs come in and save the time of every mom. Here's everything you need to know about bibs.


What are bibs?

Bibs are the baby garment that protects their clothes from getting dirty from drool and spills food. It is made of soft and absorbent fabric, so they instantly soak up the drools, spill food, and spit-ups that help to keep your baby clean throughout the day.


How many bibs will you need?

It depends on a lot of things. Has your baby the heavy drool, or has he started teething? Some parents might not need too many bibs, while others will need a large number of bibs. So, it is recommended that you buy a small number of bibs but if your baby is a heavy drool or messy eater, buy some more feeding bibs.


Types of baby bibs

However, any bib will work better when it comes to keeping the meal off your little one's tiny clothes. But there are various options that can be the best bet when you are going to buy baby bibs. It is a great idea to have more than one bib for the backup. Here are different types of baby bibs:


Silicon bibs:  

Baby silicone bibs are flexible, soft, and waterproof. The good thing about the silicon bibs is that they are easy to clean. Most silicon bibs have a bottom lip that catches the food when your baby drops it.


Smock Bibs

Smock bibs come with long sleeves, and they are made with thin plastic. So they are the best feeding bibs that are easy to clean. Moreover, your toddler can also use it while painting, doing art activities. Every parent should have a smock bib for their baby.


Feeding Bibs

There are various types of feeding bibs. The rubber design is the key design of the feeding bibs. It is easy to clean, and its bottom trough catches the food before falling on the floor.


Small Bibs

Small bibs work best for newborn babies. They are typically designed for infants. They are small in size and made from soft fabric.


Bandana Bibs

Bandana bibs take the concept of bibs to a completely new level. These items have previously been considered to be some basic pieces of cloth with strings attached on two corners to facilitate hanging on the shoulder of a baby. The basic idea has been to include some impermeable lining to prevent leakages from soiling the dress. With the Bandana dribble bibs, you can be sure that your baby will have the beautiful dress on for extended periods of time and that they will not feel any wetness. This is because the product will take care of any fluid spills, be it saliva, water, or other foods. Because they are easy to wash, you will find your laundry requirements significantly reduced.


Binky Bibs

Binky bibs are the blend of dummy chain and bandana dribble bib. They are designed for the toddlers who frequently use pacifiers to make sure that the dummy doesn't go missing.


What to Consider When Shopping for Bibs

When buying an item of this nature, there are a few things you may want to consider, including materials, fit, how easy they are to clean, durability, and style. The materials should always be soft, and the fit should be comfortable. The rest of the items on the list will either depend on your personal style and the materials that made the piece of clothing.



Always opt for soft cotton materials. These will most likely not cause irritation to the baby's skin, especially around the neck area, and they are easy to wash and dry. Items made of this type of material also tend to last a long time.

If you want a softer material, you could always choose those items made of soft cotton fleece. This material is very plush but may also cause allergies in some people. Do an allergy test on the baby's skin before making large purchases.



Another important aspect is the fit. Some of these items are square-shaped with neckties. While these are usually large in the front, they will most likely only cover the chest area. Instead, you can use the standard bandana bibs for your baby. These bibs come in folded shape and have Velcro around the neck to secure them.

Many parents opt for the bandana styles because they give coverage around the entire neck and most of the designs are quite stylish. If, however, you are not into flashy designs, there are also solid colors or conventional patterns that you can choose from. These seem to be a favorite of parents who can access them easily and get a good amount of protection for their baby's clothing.


Easy to wash

Whatever style in these items you choose, ensure to get your money's worth. This will depend on the type of material and how you treat this essential item of clothing. Remember, soft cotton and fleece are durable, so items made with these materials should last a longer time than those made with many others. You should also practice handwashing rather than machine washing; this could help to prolong the life of such an item.



Buying dribble bibs may seem like one of those tasks you should not put much effort into, but the truth is you should. These items of clothing touch your baby's skin, and they wear them every day for most of the day. Try to make them as comfortable as possible without buying materials that may cause allergies. Also, try to make them stylish; your baby is precious and should definitely have the best.



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