How to care for baby skin?

How to care for baby skin?

Every parent wants their baby to have a shiny skins. Although most of this is determined by genes, parents should not neglect the baby’s development in the day after tomorrow. Under reasonable conditions, it can slowly improve the baby’s skin. The situation.

How to care for baby skin

Maintain acid-base balance

When the baby is born, the skin is not fully developed, and the body naturally cannot achieve acid-base balance. Therefore, when the parents are bathing the baby, they should use professional shower gels, which will form a protective film for the baby’s skin. It is the protector of the baby, so that the bacteria can not invade.

The lotion should contain moisturizing function

Because the baby’s skin is very delicate, it is very susceptible to bacterial infection, and it is difficult to adapt to the complex and changing environment. Parents should choose a lotion that can protect the skin and have moisturizing function. It is recommended that the abdomen and the baby are susceptible to wrinkles. Apply it to the place.

Prevention of eczema

Apply a repair-type care cream to your baby to prevent eczema effectively. It also ensures allergens in the air and does not invade your baby’s body. But we must pay attention when choosing, which product can make your baby’s skin easy. Do not change other types frequently if you absorb it.

Massage the skin

When applying these skin creams to your baby, you should use your own hands to gently massage your baby, or you can play some of your favorite music, let him relax.

Pay attention to eating habits

The baby’s digestive system is still not perfect. At 6 months, the baby can eat some food other than milk. What the parents have to do is to observe whether they are allergic, especially some rare fruits. Although they are rich in vitamins, But let’s not let the baby get allergic.

Mom does not use cosmetics

There are many irritating substances or hormones in adult cosmetics, especially lipsticks and hair dyes, which have little effect on our adults. On the surface of baby skin, there will be many corrosive effects, which is easy for the baby. Causes allergies.

Baby care time

Usually 0~3 years old is the key moment for baby’s skin development. Parents should learn to care for the skin, and at the same time give the baby nutrition, which helps his skin’s development function.

Precautions for skin care

Dietary aspect

What the baby has to do is not to have a partial eclipse. Although skin has a certain relationship with heredity, the study found that each element has different effects on the baby’s body. For example, protein can make his skin smooth and elastic. Lack of vitamin A can cause dry and peeling of the skin. The baby can add enough iron to make the skin more rosy. If zinc is deficient, it will be prone to dermatitis. Therefore, the baby should absorb every element and cannot be a picky eater.

Bath water temperature

Bathing is one of the most headaches for parents. Especially in winter, the temperature in the room is sometimes too hot and sometimes too cold, which can easily cause a cold. Too high a bath water will also affect the baby’s skin, so it is suitable. The water temperature is very important. It is recommended that before the baby takes a bath, the mothers should adjust the appropriate water temperature first, then add cold water and then put hot water. The temperature is controlled at 37 to 40, and the time for the baby to bathe should not be too long. It can be about 10 minutes. Because, because the time is too long, the baby’s skin will be very wrinkled, and bacteria will be more likely to invade.

The clothes are too tight

Many parents like to wear tight clothes for the baby, so the baby will not take off the clothes, causing a cold, etc., and the clothes are too tight, affecting the baby’s blood circulation, and easily scratch the skin, causing infections, etc. Especially the crotch, if it is too tight, there is a lot of friction on the genitals, and the indirect influence develops.

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