How To Increase Your Milk Supply

How To Increase Your Milk Supply

As a new mother, you may have some concerns about your breastfeeding capabilities. That is completely normal as many mothers have this fear. However, it is also important that you equip yourself with knowledge so you can take care of any problem during the time you are breastfeeding.

Many mothers have a fear of not producing enough milk for their babies. While this is also completely normal and happens to many women there are things you can do to increase your milk supply such as wearing a hands free pump bra.

Here are the many ways you can increase your milk supply on your own.

Feed Your Baby Only When They Ask

It is important to understand the way your body works when you are breastfeeding so you can utilize it in the best way. The best way to understand how much milk you produce is by how much your baby demands the milk.

Yes, this is based on the laws of supply and demand. The higher the rate of milk consumption, the more work your body will put to meet this consumption. When you respond to your baby’s needs appropriately your body will also respond accordingly.

So, make sure that every time your baby is hungry you are feeding them right there and then so your body can make enough milk to sustain their needs.

If you have work or other commitments you can always use a hands-free pump bra to pump milk beforehand!

Use Both The Sides While Nursing

Many women just start sticking to one side while nursing. However, if you want to increase your milk supply then you need to use both sides while nursing.

You may notice that your baby doesn't take the side they are not used to but offer it anyway. It is recommended that you use both sides at least 2 times during one session of breastfeeding.

hands free pump bra

Add Pumping Sessions

It has been noticed that if you want to increase your milk supply, then in between nursing sessions you should also have pumping sessions. Don’t worry though, if you think it will come in the way of other work that you need to do then get a hands free pumping bra.

All you will have to do is wear the bra and secure it. It will then take care of all the pumping automatically while you can stay busy doing whatever you like.

Adding these pumping sessions will help because it will empty your breast faster and your body will then work to increase your milk supply because it needs to fulfill the needs.

To make sure that you are fully benefiting from the plus size pumping bra, keep pumping till even after the last drops. Wait at least five minutes after the last drop before you detach the pumping bra. This will ensure your breasts are empty and will indicate your body to make more milk.

It is ideal that after every nursing session you add in a pumping session of at least twenty minutes so they are empty.

Prioritize Your Eating And Drinking Habits

Mother’s get so caught up taking care of a baby that they forget their own needs. Many mothers take poor care of their health while they are nursing a child. The eating and drinking patterns become disrupted and this can also impact your milk production.

Even if you are busy working or doing other things you should always carry snacks with you and your water bottle. Apart from that, you should always eat on time and make sure that you are eating healthy. The better you take care of your diet regimen the better your body will be able to produce.

After all, milk can’t be properly produced if you don’t have enough nutrients in your body. This is why taking care of yourself is an important step in increasing your milk supply.

Don’t Get Burnt Out

Having a newborn is tough. It disrupts everything in life. From eating habits to sleeping habits everything gets affected. However, if you keep going on without adequate rest you will experience burn out.

Because of this, your body's milk production will also go low and you will not be able to feed properly. This is why you must get rest. Try to sleep all night and even if that doesn’t happen because the baby keeps waking you up then try to sync your sleep time when your baby sleeps.

This way you will be able to take naps and recharge yourself for the next nursing session. It will also increase milk supply because when your body is functioning well it will also perform everything it is supposed to do like providing you with adequate milk supply.

Never underestimate the power of rest and always prioritize it. After all, if you are healthy then the baby will also be healthy.

Stay Away From Things That Decrease Milk Supply

Many things can affect the milk supply of your body. You must avoid these so your milk production doesn't get affected.

This includes taking birth control pills. You have to wait a while before you start taking these. The first two months after your baby is born you should not be taking birth control because it will reduce your supply.

Apart from that habits such as smoking, having too much caffeine, and drinking can also affect your milk supply. This is why you need to have a healthy lifestyle so you can keep feeding your baby properly.

Final Words

Breastfeeding may seem like a stressful job but you can do it with the right knowledge on your hands. If you are worried about low milk supply then do all these things to boost it so your baby can get adequate nutrition.

In fact, for the first week don’t forget to add pumping sessions between nursing sessions to get the most out of your supply. It is one of the most effective methods to increase production.

If you are looking for a hands-free pump bra to make all of this easier on yourself then check out our collection now!

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