How to Use Baby Gates for Your Stairs

How to Use Baby Gates for Your Stairs


New parents will often be heard wishing for the day their newborn babies will walk, talk, and eat on their own. It is every parent's joy to see their kids grow to the point they can take care of their sweet selves even when out of their sight. Babies become very jumpy, especially when they learn how to walk with some support from furniture or other things around the house. Go to the kitchen for a few minutes and leave them alone in the living room; do not be surprised when you get your phone in that glass of water you left on the table.

When your baby walking around the house and begins familiarizing yourself with the outside world, stairs can be considered among the dangerous areas in your home. Babies get excited with everything in the range of their sight, and as long as they can reach it, they will. This is the right time to get baby safety gates for stairs to prevent frequent accidents that are likely to happen with that kind of age in the house. Baby gates are available in two types;

  1. a) Hard mounted: They are usually fixed to your wall for permanent use hence making it safer. They are most suitable when one wants to install them on the top case of their stairs. The aerial view of stairs is usually more appealing than down there; your baby will want to go down the stair, but this particular type of baby gates will restrict it from doing so.
  2. b) Pressure mounted: They are most applicable when you want to install your baby safety gatesfor stairs at the bottom. You baby can hardly access the stairs up word keeping it around the ground floor


Why You Should Get A Stair Safety Gate In Your home?

Stair safety gates are a great investment that the whole family can benefit from. Installing a stair safety gate allows a parent or caretaker peace of mind since the child cannot climb up or down the stairs with the gate in place. A stair safety gate gives a parent or caretaker the ability to inhibit a young child’s movements, thus establishing better parental or caretaker supervision. Most gates are durable and reusable; even when a child has outgrown the need for a safety gate, it can be turned into a pet blockade. Many small animals can become injured if they fall downstairs; therefore, a stair safety gate is an excellent way to keep pets safe. Other reasons why a safety gate should be purchased is night time safety. Toddlers are notorious for waking during the night, and staircases should be blocked off with a gate to prevent injuries. People who sleepwalk could also benefit from the extra protection of a stair safety gate.


How to use baby gates for stairs:

When using baby safety gates, be sure to take note of the following tips:

  • Make sure to install a safety gate that will not allow your baby a place to climb. This is very important to ascertain that they won’t be able to hurt themselves. Bear in mind that babies are always curious about things, and they are not aware of the dangers of their actions. Hence, it is better not to give them any opportunity to endanger themselves. Therefore, refrain from buying safety gates that have grid-like gaps.
  • Attach the safety gate firmly to the wall. It is critical that the safety gate is properly installed so that your baby won’t be able to topple it down. You may use bolts or screws to ascertain that the gate is perfectly bolted unto the wall.
  • Never forget to latch the safety gate. This is a very important concern since this safety barrier would be useless if it is not latched properly. Remember that this one simple mistake can lead to a disastrous outcome. Hence, if older children are present at home, constantly remind them to latch the safety gate after they pass through.
  • When looking at gates for stairs, try to find a model that is physically mounted to the wall. This will ensure that the gate is secure and will not tip or move when your child or baby leans against it. Most major child and baby safety product manufacturers like Momcozy have models available with complete mounting kits to make installing a breeze. Though these gates for your stairs require more work to install, the entire process only takes minutes and a few basic tools. The extra ten minutes of work, however, will provide a much safer structure.
  • Make sure the gate will fit properly in the stairway provided by measuring the stairway prior to purchasing safety gates for stairs. Many manufacturers produce gates specially designed for oversized doorways and stairways. These oversized safety gates are often reinforced to handle the stress your child or baby may put on them.

Take note of these tips to ensure that your safety gate will be able to perform its intended function.


Things to consider for choosing the baby safety for stairs:

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best gates for stairs. A key factor for both child and baby gates for stairs are how they are mounted. While gates that are held in place through pressure may be suited well for doorways, they are prone to wiggling loose or falling over. While this provides initial protection against falling and keeps the child away from the stairs, if it fails, it almost guarantees they will topple down the stairs with the gate as it comes crashing down. So choose the model that is physically mounted to the wall.

In addition to width, height is important as well. When choosing baby safety for stairs, people often overlook the fact that the child is going to grow quickly. The best safety gates for babies should come up to your child’s chest or shoulders at a minimum. Obviously, having taller ones has both benefits and downsides. However, if the gate only comes up to your child’s waist, they may attempt to climb over the gate. This could result in the gate falling over or your child losing their balance and tumbling over the top. Either way, this poses a serious injury risk. By getting safety gates for stairs that are slightly taller, you can enjoy extended use as your child grows and feel safe with the greater protection against falls these gates provide.



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