Keeping these things in the breastfeeding period saves a lot of time every day

Keeping these things in the breastfeeding period saves a lot of time every day

A few days ago, I went to the girlfriends Wendy’s house to play. We started chatting in the living room. After a while, Wendy’s baby cried, and Wendy asked me to go to the bedroom together, so I could talk to me when I was feeding. After Wendy had fed the baby and put her baby to sleep, I found out that she took a tube of ointment from the bedside table and applied it to her nipple. I didn’t ask at the time, just wrote down the brand. After I got home, I checked it. It turned out that this thing is something that needs to be used during breastfeeding. What other things are the items that need to be kept during the breastfeeding period? Today we will talk about it.

Nursing underwear

Since many mothers are very beautiful now, they also know that if they don’t wear underwear during breastfeeding, it will cause the chest to sag. But this also raises a problem. During breastfeeding, the breasts are unusually delicate. The underwear that was worn before is not only inconvenient to feed, but also may cause damage to the breast. This has become a headache for many mothers, but this problem is also very well solved. Mothers can be replaced with underwear for breastfeeding. This underwear is not only convenient for breastfeeding, but also has the effect of gathering breasts to prevent sagging. Also very comfortable.

Breast Pump

Many mothers sometimes have time to feed because of all kinds of things. In this case, we have to ask for a “magic weapon”, that is, the breast pump. The role of the breast pump can be very large, and it can help the mothers store the milk during the lactation period in case of emergency.

Nipple anti-cracking cream

At the beginning of the article it mentioned is that kind of thing. Mothers are feeding their baby very often during breastfeeding, and the power of the little baby sucking the nipple can’t be controlled. Sometimes the mother’s nipples are bitten. So in this case, it is very necessary to have one such ointment. If the mothers don’t pay attention to the damage of the nipple, it will be very painful when the baby is breastfed next time. If the situation is serious, the hair will be ulcerated and the baby can no longer be fed. Therefore, this nipple anti-cracking cream is still very practical.

“Baby’s father”

In a strict sense, Dad is not an item, of course, just a joke. But if the mother has a good baby dad during breastfeeding, it would be better. Good Dad can not only help her mother during breastfeeding but also comfort the mothers. It can be called the best essential “article” for breastfeeding.


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