Smart Mattress: Helping Your Child to Sleep

Smart Mattress: Helping Your Child to Sleep

Infants love to sleep. Some sleep for long periods while others enjoy short naps. Your little one will have his/her own sleeping and waking pattern. Babies also doze off for short periods during the feed. All this is normal as well as healthy for the baby.  

Mostly, newborns sleep for up 18 hours a day, 3 to 4 hours at a time. Don’t worry, as the baby gets older, they will stay awake longer during the day and get complete rest at night. Their sleeping patterns might change after every two month so you will have to adjust your schedule too.

Keeping a sleep diary might help you recognize the baby’s sleeping pattern. Interestingly, babies learn when it’s time to sleep with cues such as dim lights, music or when you put them to their crib to sleep.


Smart Mattress for Infants  

When it comes to helping your baby to sleep, a smart mattress can be really useful. It’s a soft and subtle mattress with clinically recommended firmness for infants to help them sleep better and maintain the right posture. It’s made from breathable cotton which is soft and friendly for the baby’s skin. The mattress is powered by a control box that features 3 swing modes each designed for babies of different age.

If you are a new parent, chances are you interrupt own sleep to check if your infant is sleeping well. A traditional baby mattress is a smaller version of adult variants. Unfortunately, this traditional model is not best for the needs of a tiny person. And if you are relying on monitoring devices with an audio or video system that is supposed to go on the wrist of the baby, this can be highly irritating for a newborn.

Here, a smart mattress comes to recuse. This mattress features a special foam that dissipates gases like CO2. It is also equipped with sensors that detect the movement of the baby, the level of humidity, pressure, and temperature. The mattress is powered by a pneumatic device that controls the vibration to meet the sleeping state of the baby. It offers maximum support for the growing bone of the baby. Some also play soft music to put the baby to sleep.

The mattress comes with an app that lets parents monitor the baby’s temperature, breathing, and more. You don’t have to get and check the baby frequently while they are asleep. Just open the app and track their sleeping pattern. And if the baby’s breathing pattern isn’t normal, or they are having trouble, the app notifies parents immediately.


Ideal Baby Age

A smart mattress can be used for babies up to 2 years. It’s safe for newborns to toddlers. A good quality mattress is capable of adapting to the sleeping positions as well as the age of the baby.


Is It Safe To Use?

The first thing parents must be concerned about right now is the safety of the baby. Does a battery-operated device like this is good for the baby, especially if they would be sleeping in a different room for the entire night?

This mattress is designed to keep the baby’s comfort and safety in mind, the control box as well as the mattress are connected to an air hose instead of a wire. Therefore, parents don’t have to worry about electrical risks at all.


Best for the Baby’s Spine

Unlike traditional mattresses, a smart mattress is made from coconut palm and the hardness of the mattress is just enough to support the spine of the newborn baby. So no matter what your baby’s sleeping position, they will enjoy a restful night’s sleep and their bones will grow in a healthy environment. That’s all a parent can wish for, right?


Breathable and Washable Material

Another thing parents who are considering this mattress for their little one must be thinking about would be the material. Take a sigh of relief because this mattress is made from 100 percent breathable cotton material. The outer shell of the mattress can also be removed and cleaned.

Yes, you can wash it whenever you like and make the baby sleep on a squeaky clean bed. Just know that the switch box is not waterproof. So, if you plan on cleaning it, use a dry towel only.

When putting your baby to sleep on a smart mattress, make sure you don’t put anything under the baby’s head like a pillow, as this can increase the risk of SID syndrome.


Where Should The Baby Sleep?

For the first 6 months, the baby should sleep in the same room as the parents. Usually, in the early weeks, the baby only falls asleep in the parent’s arms or when you are standing by the cost.

Slowly, make the baby go to sleep without you comforting them. This might take a while. There is no harm in using a smart mattress even if the baby sleeps in your room. The purpose is to make sure they get a night of restful sleep and get all the support their body and spine needs to grow.

The sleeping patterns of babies change. Just when you know everything is sorted out, you might be up every 2 hours.  Don’t worry, just be prepared to change routines as your baby grows. Illnesses, growth spurts and teething can affect the baby’s sleep as well.  You can also see a health visitor to get more advice about setting up the sleep routine of your little one.


Summing Up

If your baby is fuzzy or cranky and you can’t seem to figure out the problem, have a look at their sleeping pattern. Are you sure they are getting a night of restful sleep? crying and waking up because of hunger is one thing, if you sense something else is wrong, it’s best to first talk to the pediatrician. If sleep is the issue, consider getting a smart mattress for your little one. Don’t mind consulting the doctor first. Most doctors advise parents to use these mattresses instead of traditional ones.



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