Steps To Burp Your Baby

Steps To Burp Your Baby


Burping is important for babies to release air that is trapped inside their stomach after every feeding. Burping can be done immediately after their feeding or in between as well. This will make them healthy and it will be easier for them to digest food. There is extra air while the baby is being given food or milk and it may cause your baby to cry because she might get uncomfortable. Burping will help them eat more as it will make space for the food by getting the air out. If you are a new parent who doesn’t know how to burp a baby, here are some simple steps that might help you.

Hold The Baby Over The Shoulder

After feeding your baby put up a baby burp cloth on your shoulder to make your clothes protected if the baby spits back milk. You should be extra careful while holding the baby over your shoulder. Make sure your little one is in an upright position. If the baby is less than 6 months old, it is natural for them to spit back small amounts of food when they burp. The baby burp cloth will help you to stay clean and wipe your baby’s face afterward as well.

Pat Them

It is necessary to pat them between the shoulder blades. Do not pat them on the stomach as it can cause them to vomit. You can pat them on their back with your wrist or move your hand in the circular motion to make your baby burp. Make sure to be gentle while rubbing or patting the back.

Know When They Burped

Do not just keep patting or rubbing their back. Make sure your full attention is given to the baby while you are making them burp. If you are not focusing on the baby, you won’t be able to tell whether the baby burp or not. It may sound like a normal burp, sneeze, or just a small ump. You should be aware of these sounds and when you hear it, stop immediately.

Put Them In Front Of You

As soon as you hear them burp, hold them in a way that they can see you. Smile in front of them as they may get scared of the burp and start crying. New born babies are really sensitive and any changing function in their body might be new for them. After burp makes them smile and play with them. If they spit back milk you should make them wear baby bibs and place one of the best burp cloths over your shoulder to save your clothes as well.

Now that you are aware of the simple burping steps, you should make this a part of your baby’s daily routine. This will make your baby healthy and fit. They will not get uncomfortable after every feeding and it will be easier for you to handle them. The right time is essential for the burp such as after every feeding session is a good choice so keep that in mind.



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