The baby’s bottle will also expire

The baby’s bottle will also expire

The bottle is an important tool for the baby to eat, and its safety is also crucial. Bottles are not used for long periods of time and must be replaced regularly to ensure safety and hygiene. Many mothers certainly don’t know that the bottle also has a shelf life. So, how often should the bottle be replaced? Is it enough to prepare a few bottles for the baby?

How long is the shelf life of the bottle?

There are currently three types of bottles on the market, plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, and glass bottles. These three bottles are made of different materials and have a different natural shelf life. Glass bottles can be used indefinitely. The shelf life of stainless steel bottles is 8-10 years. The shelf life of plastic bottles is the shortest, 3-5 years. It is recommended to change the bottle at regular intervals, no matter the shelf life, because of repeated use, the cleanliness is certainly not as good as the new bottle. Moreover, the nipple is prone to aging and the nipple is replaced every three months.

When do I need to change the bottle?

1. The bottle has a shelf life. Of course, the bottle should be replaced. Although there is no evidence to show whether harmful substances will be produced after the bottle expires, for the sake of the baby’s health, the bottle should be replaced regularly.

2. There is a crack in the bottle. Needless to say, the bottle has a crack, it must be changed, otherwise, it is easy to scratch the baby’s mouth. Especially glass bottles, it is more troublesome after scratching.

3. There is a long-term foaming bottle inside the bottle. It is easy to have residual residue because of insufficient cleaning. When the milk is slowly accumulated, a yellow layer of dirt is formed inside the bottle, which is easy to bring bacteria to breed and will make the baby diarrhea. Therefore, when it is found that dirt is accumulated inside the bottle, it is necessary to change the bottle.

In general, if your mother is breastfeeding, then there is no need to prepare as many bottles, and it is enough to change the bottle 4-6 months. Two bottles can be prepared, one for drinking water and one for milk. If the mother has no time to go to work, she can squeeze into the bottle for later use. Pay attention to changing the pacifier, the nipple is easy to age, and it is often aging faster by the baby. Therefore, the nipple needs to be replaced frequently. Generally, the silicone nipple should be replaced once a month, and the latex nipple should be replaced once every month for more than half a month. Moreover, as long as the nipple is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. It is recommended that mothers choose silicone pacifiers for safety and convenience.


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