The Best Co-Sleeping Cots In 2021

The Best Co-Sleeping Cots In 2021

Are you anxious about keeping your baby in another room for sleeping? Do you want to keep them close to you so you can sleep in peace? Well, then co-sleeping cots are an ideal solution for you.

Here are the best co-sleeping cots of 2021 for you to make an informed decision.

1. Purflo “Keep Me Close” Bedside Sleeper
The Purflo newborn mattress is the perfect choice for babies from birth until six months old. It has many fantastic features that include:
  • Incline option
  • Six different height settings
  • Air-permeable mesh sides
  • Breathable newborn mattress

    All these features ensure that your baby receives a good night’s sleep while sleeping next to you. Besides that, it is also designed to keep the baby cool so they can sleep in peace. The size allows it to easily fit next to your bed without a hassle.

    The best part is that its design will blend into any room. So, it doesn’t matter what your room looks like because this cot will look spectacular no matter where it is kept.

    2. Chicco Next2Me Magic
    This co-sleeping cot is ideal for babies from birth till they weigh 9kgs. It is more costly than some other co-sleeping cots, but rightly so. That is because it offers a lot to its consumer with its incredible features.

    Some of these features include:
    • One-handed drop-side for feeding easily at night
    • 4 tilt options to help reduce congestion and reflux
    • 11 unique height levels
    • Lockable rocking function

      Even with so many features, this co-sleeping cost is incredibly lightweight. You can easily keep it next to your bedside or carry it with you anywhere else. The cot is incredibly safe and you will fall in love with its ease once you start using it.

      3. Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib
      This co-sleeping cot is perfect for babies from birth till they are six months old. Their best feature is their easy-to-use design that makes it a perfect fit for your bedroom. It is one of the most affordable co-sleeping cots out there.

      Here are some of the best features of this cot:
      • 6 step height adjuster
      • Breathable mesh windows
      • Incline options for reflux or congestion
      • 30-second open-fold mechanism
      • Deluxe foam newborn mattress

        If you want a travel co-sleeping cot then this is one of the best options. You can easily fold the cot and carry it anywhere you like. That means your baby will stay with you at all times no matter where you are. Isn’t that what all mothers need?

        4. Momcozy Cocoon Sleep Nest Bed
        The ergonomic cocoon design can be used by babies aged 0-8 months. It reassures babies and helps them adapt smoothly to life after birth!

        Respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on their back, the Ortiz cocoon mattress allows babies to feel safe and content.

        It has many fantastic features that include:
        • Imitation uterus design, Improving the quality and length of time of baby's sleep
        • 14°5 slope design to help relieve spit up milk and gastric reflux
        • The recessed design of head position: Minimizing the risk of the anti-deflection head flat head syndrome
        • Cotton sheet, zipper design, removable
        • Strap design: Reducing sleep turn over and startle reflex frequency
        Final Verdict: Which One Is The Perfect Choice For You?

        The co-sleeping cot that is the perfect fit for you and your baby depends on what you want and the age of your baby. Not all cots are made equal so you need to find a perfect fit for your newborn. However, the cot you choose should be comfortable, breathable, and meets your budget.

        Once you have chosen the perfect co-sleeping cot, your life will become much easier and your baby will not have to sleep far from you again.

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