Tips for Parents to Save Money Back to School Supplies and Backpacks

Tips for Parents to Save Money Back to School Supplies and Backpacks

The back to school has become a shopping season like Christmas. But if parents don’t prepare a list in advance, they might end up spending more than their budget. American families are preparing to return to school. After a long and torrid summer, the time has come for the children to return to the desks and for the parents to buy books, pens, pencil cases, notebooks, and backpacks. According to the latest data released by experts, this year, the expenditure for each pupil will be $500, with peaks of up to a thousand dollars. How to save money? There are some tips they can stick to for saving money yet getting their kids the best back to school supplies. Let’s get into it! 

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Postpone purchases after September

When the Christmas approaches, the tree costs more exactly as in September, the school kit has a higher price. The market knows the needs of consumers and traders at the end of the summer offer items at higher costs than the rest of the year. For this we suggest buy what you need and postponed to a later date the less urgent purchases, such as notebooks, pens and more. Back-to-school expenses weigh heavily on the budget as of September approaches.

According to the National Retail Foundation, on average, it costs $696 for a child (elementary school to high school). To lower the score, a few recommendations are to be followed.


To recycle or shop at home:

If you want to save money on back to school supplies, then recycle as much as possible. Whether it's the big brother's satchel or the pens from the previous year, everything is good for recovery. Looking closely, there are always a few blank notebooks at the bottom of an office drawer. We must, therefore, list what we already have to avoid duplicates. Some brands even offer to buy calculators or backpacks in good condition.


Look out for good deals

Look out for the good discount deals that are good for the wallet. The outlet stores offer all kinds of supplies at the first price, often sold in bulk. It will probably be necessary to dig a little before finding what it takes to be ready for school. Another good plan: some websites like Momcozy offer special back to school sales for the backpacks at discount prices. 


Buy only what is necessary

No one is immune to a favorite purchase, especially with products that highlight the idols of the moment or fashionable brands. To avoid this scenario, which can quickly increase the mark; it is better to stick strictly to the list provided by the school. And if necessary, do your shopping without your children.


Don’t forget to use coupons.

The coupons and promo codes will become your new pal when it comes to buying back to school backpacks with hefty price tagsSo don’t forget to use coupons and save more. For instance, Momcozy is offering discount coupons to buy the favorite backpack of your kid. All you need to browse the website and enter the code ‘MCSCHOOL15’, and all is done.


Shop Thrift Stores and Rummage Sales

Shop from the thrift stores and rummage sales are also one of the great ways to save money on back school supplies. Check out your nearest thrift store for the supplies on your list. You can even buy the used clothes for your kids at an affordable price.


Remember to take advantage of In-store mobile coupon.

Want some extra savings? Why not try coupons and save money on school supply?

You can get coupons to code for buying bag packs, pens, sharpie, and more. For instance, if you spend $20 on back to school supplies, you can get $5 off on your shopping. You can even use it in a smart way. For example, if someone has four kids, he can divide his kids into 4 separates shopping carts of $25. If he uses the in-store mobile coupon four times, he will save $20 instead of $20. If you choose the target for shopping, don’t forget to check out the cartwheel app that offers the printed coupons, and you can use your coupons at once.

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Shop Online

In order to find the absolute best backpack on the market, ditch those crazy back-to-school sales and log onto the World Wide Web. The Internet is a fantastic place to turn in order to find the best styles and lowest prices around. Furthermore, with the ability to shop from the comfort of your own home, you won’t be running around the night before school starts trying to find that must-have backpack. By shopping online, you can make sure that this right backpack doesn’t break the bank!


Compare prices:

Whether you buy on the web or in the supermarket, it is preferable to compare prices and products before buying. The school kits are found in the main supermarkets in the USA and on the web, where it is possible to compare brands, items, and costs before moving on to the final purchase.


Buy together

The more we are, the less it costs. This golden rule obviously applies to the start of the school year. Some schools offer to buy supplies in bulk to save money. Finally, it is possible to regroup with four or five other families to shop the back to school supplies. 


Bottom Line:

The back to school supplies can take a toll on your wallet, but with the tips that we have outlined above, you as a parent can save more and cut down on the shopping bill of back to school supplies. When your kids have grown older, the back to school supplies shopping is not as fun as it used to be. All you need to start planning ahead to save money and leverage the back to school sales and discount coupon that comes your way. If you know any savvy back-to-school shopping tips, let us know in the comment box!

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