Top 10 Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

Top 10 Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

It is totally understandable if you are feeling overwhelmed by creating a baby registry. Babies need so much stuff, so it can be difficult to know what you really need. However, it can be hard where to begin when compiling the list of must-have items for your baby, but fortunately, we have done the work for you. Here is the top 10 items for every new mother should include on her baby registry list.


1. White noise machine

The baby resided in the cozy home inside her mother’s womb, which was filled with unceasing white noise, soothing her in and out of sleep. So it can be difficult for the little ones to make this transition into a silent environment. That’s why baby white noise machine is the must-have item in the baby registry. It helps the babies to keep them asleep by playing repeated and continuous white noise and lull babies.


2. Muslin swaddle blankets

As you see, newborn babies are swaddled up when they born. They are warped up like the little burritos after their birth for a reason. Muslin swaddle blankets keep the babies feeling comfortable and safe, so they sleep. Sleep is vital for babies and new parents as well. So make sure that you have many swaddle blankets. If you are looking for the best and soft swaddle blankets, check Momcozy’s swaddle blankets for your future bundle of joy.


3. Bibs

You can choose from ties, snaps or over the head styles. Some babies do not like having a snug item pulled over their heads, so you might want to look for wide openings or very stretchy fabrics. When your baby is teething, you can keep a bib on her so that her clothes will not get soaked. But at bedtime or nap time, take off the bib because the tie could get twisted and choke your baby. Snapping bibs are a good option because they eliminate loose strings, but you still should not leave a bib on your baby at bedtime.


4. Crib Toys

The number and variety of crib toys have grown greatly from the simple mobile that hangs above your baby's crib. Lighted toys that have movement, like aquariums with swimming fish, can be side-mounted on your baby's crib. These provide entertainment and lulling sounds so that your baby is entertained or relaxed to sleep alone. You will want to secure toys according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use and fasten straps that are included with the toy. If the straps aren't included, you can purchase secure straps to avoid crib accidents.


5. Baby Monitors

New mothers sometimes feel as if they need eyes in the back of their head. Babies need constant watch and care. Baby monitors can be a big help, especially when you have a large home or if you have more than one child. Some baby monitors have only audio, but the latest has audio and video. You can even see your baby in a dark room while sleeping.


6. Baby blanket:

Light-weight flat blankets are the best for your newborn. Your baby will not be able to lift or push the blanket away, so using a lightweight fabric that will keep your baby warm is best. Natural fibers breathe, and synthetic fibers do not, but synthetic fibers are a good choice to avoid allergies; for example, some people are allergic to wool. Obviously, you won't know if your baby is allergic to anything when he is born, so this should not be a great concern to you. However, if your other children are allergic to wool, you should not select wool for your newborn.


7. Cradles:

Cradles offer your baby a feeling of security. When your infant is born, the drastic change in available space is a bit frightening. That is why your newborn loves to be swaddled. A cradle offers your baby a close space and rockers on the bottom so your baby can be lulled to sleep like he was when you were carrying him. Many cradles have locks on the rockers so that you can make the cradle stationary while your newborn sleeps. Cradles are small, which makes them portable enough to move from room to room before you place your infant in for sleep. Never lift the cradle and move it with your infant inside. Always pick up your baby and carry them separately.


8. Bouncer Seats:

The gentle vibrations of a bouncer seat lull your infant to sleep or soothe a fussy infant if he needs comforting. On the other hand a bouncer seat is simply a comfortable place for your baby to be entertained, too. When you are washing a sink of dishes or dusting furniture, you can sit your baby in the bouncer seat on the floor and talk with him while you get your chores done. It is a nice addition to your nursery because it is portable and you can move it not only from room to room, but you can also toss it in the trunk of your car and take it along on visits to grandma's house.


9. Changing Tables:

Changing tables are convenient because your diapers, diaper rash ointment, wipes and other necessities can be kept in one convenient location. Changing tables have a pad that you lay your child on. Either the pad itself of the changing tabletop has a small safety belt on it. You should use this belt whenever you are changing your newborn. Making use of the safety belt a habit is important because your baby will begin to play and squirm and rollover, which can make your changing table a dangerous place. You will be able to relax when you make use of the safety belt.


10. Bassinets:

Your newborn has many immediate needs because the entire time that your baby was growing, he was fed and taken care of without any requirements of him. This is why a bassinet is so convenient and important. After your hospital stay, you will still be recuperating from the delivery of your bundle of joy. A bassinet can be moved to your bedroom suite, and that will save many steps.




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