Why You Should Install a Baby Gate?

retractable baby gate

Your baby grows fasts and starts exploring things around him when you know it. When the babies start crawling, their curiosity takes over before the parents take precautions to keep their babies safe. There are some parents that don’t want a lot of stuff around their babies, and baby safety gate is included in their list of non-essentials. But Child safety gate should put on the ‘must-have’ list because it is best for the safety of the children between 6 months to 24 months of age. Here’s how why you should install a baby gate.


Why Should You Install a Baby Gate?

The most important product for childproofing your home is a retractable baby gateParents should ensure that small kids don’t access the stairs without the supervision of the parents because it can be extremely dangerous for the kids. Kids can fall from the stairs that can lead to injury and in some cases, even death. For this reason, the best retractable baby gate like Momcozy baby gate can add an extra layer of safety when it comes to childproofing your home. Baby safety gates are similar to a pool fence that provides a robust barrier at top and the bottom of your stairs. Moreover, this helps your children keep crawling without getting themselves into trouble.


Children need a safe play area

Baby gates are not only used to keep your tots out of danger area; it is also used to keep your little ones contained inside a room or area that has been baby-proofed already. Alternatively, people use the play yard system to get the same benefits, but using a baby gate is quite a popular way to keep your toddlers safe and sound. Kids can play safely, and this additional layer of security reduces the stress of the parents to keep an eye on the kids all the time.


Children can fall downstairs.

Stairs are one of the dangerous places in the home for the toddlers where they need parent’s supervision. Kids can fall down the stairs and get hurt. It can also be dangerous for younger children too. The baby gate you’re your baby safe when you are not around. Install the retractable baby safety gate at the bottom and top of the stairs. Use the hardware mounted gate as it won’t move out of place if your baby tries to push it. 


Kids explore things and curious about everything.

Although they have tiny feet and fingers, they want to explore anything they see, whether it is a fireplace or socket. You may not want to block off the entire space or room, but you can make some specific things inaccessible using the baby gates. You can keep your tots away from danger by installing retractable baby gate while letting them go and play in the other part of the room.

If a room in your house is not baby-proofed or its door has no lock, you can use the baby gate to keep your baby safe when you are not around. Consider installing the gate that adult can open and close with one hand; this way, they can keep the children out whereas keeping easy access.


Children can climb

If you have a toddler in your home, think about the childproofing your home before they turn into climbers. And it doesn’t take much time to turn them into climbers. If your baby is too young, a standard baby gate is enough but don’t buy those models that are small in length or toehold built into them. Choose the gate that comes with long upright bars and extra-tall length. If your tot is mastering climbing, keep him baby gated away from the ladders, drawers and bookshelves and other hazards.


Preventing drowning

Baby gates help the kids to prevent drowning. Drowning is the main cause of the unintentional injury death for kids that are under five years old. Two-year-old kids are most at the risk as they move more than babies less than one-year-old. Two years old kids can’t judge the danger because they are in their developing their motor skills. The common places where toddlers can drown are the bathroom tubs, swimming pools and even buckets that cause death. Kids can drown in just 20 seconds and in 6cm of water. So it is essential to keep away your children from danger zones and install baby gates into a hazardous place. You can use it everywhere you need a barrier to keep your tyke from moving into such places. Moreover, you can use it outdoor under your supervision.


Children like the outdoors

There is no secret that toddlers want to go outside when they get a chance. Playing on the back yard is a good compromise that many parents make as long as they have a baby safety gate that keeps our babies from wandering off into the porch or yard. The retractable baby gate, like Momcozy baby gate, is designed to be ultimately baby proof and withstand the elements. If you allow your toddler to play on the yard or porch, make sure you have baby-proofed it. Moreover, keep in mind that the gaps between the railing and slates should be up to 4 inches.


Children want to be with their mom every time.

Kids want to be there wherever their mom is, and wherever their dad goes, they want to tag along. As you tried to go about their duties in the kitchen or other part of the house, you will have your little ones underfoot unless you have installed the best retractable baby gate to keep them confined.

It would be good if the area where you confine them is close by where you are working. This way, you can keep an eye on your little ones. For instance, if you are cleaning, doing laundry, cooking or anything that could pose a hazard for kids, you want them to have their own baby-proofed area that is perfect for playing in. 

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