5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Breast Pump Bra

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Breast Pump Bra

Finding a breast pump bra on the market is not easy. There are a lot of brands of breast pump bra, all look good and look highly recommended because of their ads and promotions. But, moms need to find a breast pump that suitable and fit your need.

What is Breast Pump Bra?

Breast Pump Bra is a product that compatible to use with the breast pump and make thing easier. By reading breast pump bra reviews before deciding to buy one, moms will save time and money. Moms don’t need to spend money on the wrong one. Best breast pump bra means the one that moms need based on occupation, daily activities and any other related reasons.

Breast pump itself basically is a tool that helps moms to pump breast milk. There are two types of breast pump in general: manual and electric (automatic). The first one is used by hand and electric one powered by batteries. Breast pump bra has been used by mothers from all around the world for a long time to help a mother in terms of providing breast milk to a beloved baby for many reasons. Mothers with a daily job are the primary user of the breast pump. 

How does a pumping bra work?

When you pair pumping bra with a breast pump, it helps to keep the breast pump shields in place when you use it. If you want to do multitask while using a breast pump, the best hands-free pumping bra let you attach the pump to your breast without any difficulty. The breast pumping bra is made with the ‘X’ structure that provides you with full pumping access by pulling away from the fabric.

Pumping bras or pumping bustier?

There is some confusion between pumping bra and pumping bustier either they are same, or they have some difference. The major difference between pumping bustier and breast pumping bra depends on the structure it provides. You can wear the pumping bra under your clothes like other undergarments. Moreover, it can be a convenient option when you don’t want to carry a lot of breastfeeding kit on a daily basis, especially at your workplace. This bra doesn’t come with underwiring, unlike other bras that make it more comfortable because the breast changes its shape with decreased and increased milk supply. It can be uncomfortable if you use other bras. 

On the other hand, the bustier is worn during the pumping session either on their own or over the nursing bra. Its function is the same as the pumping bra buy they are more supportive and make for an efficient process. That’s why they are more expensive than pumping bra. Like pumping bra, you can also wear it all day long under your clothes. But they are less comfortable due to its rigid design and thicker fabric.

Most of the women ask what we should look for when buying the breast pumping bra. It’s all about your lifestyle and choice. You can wear some bras all day while others can be used while you pump. Here are 5 main factors that you should take into account when buying the best wearable breast pump bra.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Breast Pump Bra 


When you are going to buy a breast pump bra, make sure that it should be compatible with your breast pump. Some breast pump comes with pumping bra while others don’t offer such features. If you are looking for the best hands-free pumping bra, Momcozy is probably the first name that comes in the mind of most of the women. Its pumping bra is supportive to wear all day long and comfortable enough to wear it for night pumping sessions. It is available in all sizes and compatible with the breast pump shields or flanges. Moreover, extra hooks increase its functionality and make the re-zipping and unzipping easy. Above all, this breast pumping bra also accommodates the electric and double electric breast pumps.


The breast changes when the milk supply increases or decreases during the breastfeeding process. So the pumping bra should be comfortable enough to adapt your body changes and provide no-slip support while you pump. Select the right size for your ever-changing breast. Moreover, it should be comfortable enough either you wear it during the day or at night. The pumping bra can also be used for nursing, pumping or both. If you are buying it online, read the reviews before making the purchase.


Material plays a crucial role to provide comfort and suitability of the pumping bra. Most of the pumping bra comes with stretching material to hold the pumping flanges in places. Choose the cotton fabric than polyester because it keeps you cooler than other synthetic material. If you are large breast, consider choosing the bra with light padding that make absorb the milk leakage.


There are several ways when it comes to fastening the pumping bra, including zips, hooks, Velcro and closure eyes. Most brands combine the fastening to make it easy for breastfeeding moms to put on and adjust. Consider choosing the pumping bra that comes with a convertible design that allows you to wear it as a halter, strapless or tank style. Moreover, it should be slipped on easily when you wore in with nursing bra, during pumping session or alone.

Extra hooks: 

As we mentioned above, the mameries change during the postpartum period. That’s why nursing bras come with eye closure and up to 6 hooks that can be adjusted to your ever-changing breast size. When you are going to purchase the breast pumping bra, choose the one that is fully adjustable, fit sizes up to 48H and can accommodate any changes in your size. The eye front closure and extra adjustable hooks ensure a supportive fit and more comfort.

Bottom line:

Luckily, there are best wearable breast pump bras that take the strain out of milk expression. Find the one that is comfortable, best fit and compatible with your breast pump. We hope this guide will help to choose the right one. Whichever one you choose, the secret to a joyful pumping experience is to ensure that you are relaxed. 


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