Is It Necessary to Wear a Breast Pump Bra for Breastfeeding Moms?

Breastfeeding Breast Pump Bra


For most of the breastfeeding mothers, the answer to this question is Yes. For mothers who do breast pump, wearing a breast pump bra defnitely worth a try.

As a new mom, your journey with breastfeeding and pumping can be longer than ever imagined. The CDC encourages moms to breastfeed exclusively for at least six months and to continue nursing their babies for up to two years. It means that your breastfeeding breast pump bra must be a source of comfort, not just a simple, functional garment.

It's essential to find a bra that empowers you, making you feel confident and capable as you take on the challenges of motherhood. After all, the proper nursing and pumping bra can be the key to reaching your breastfeeding and pumping goals, giving you the support you need to keep going, no matter how long your journey may be.

What is a Breast Pump Bra?

First, what exactly is a breast pump bra? A breast pump bra is designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers who use a breast pump. It typically features flaps or clips that can be opened to expose the nipples for attaching the pump. Rather than needing to remove your shirt and regular bra, you simply undo the front flap on each side to access your breasts and start pumping hands-free.

When it comes to whether breast pump bras are truly necessities, opinions vary widely. While some women swear they could not live without them, others find them inconvenient and opt for alternatives. Some may find them essential during certain seasons of life and childrearing, but not others. We'll explore the potential benefits and downsides, so you can make an informed decision for your unique situation.

Momcozy breastfeeding breast pump bra

Why Wear a Breast Pump Bra? The Benefits

Allows Hands-Free Pumping

One of the biggest advantages of breast pump bras is the ability to easily pump hands-free. Rather than having to manually hold the flanges in place while pumping, the bra secures them for you. This frees up your hands to take care of other tasks with your baby, or even just to relax with a book or your phone. New moms know that any opportunity to multitask and babywear is welcome.

Provides Comfort and Support While Pumping

Breast pump bras are designed with a new mom's comfort in mind. They are structured to properly support fuller breasts and their clasps/closures are designed not to rub or pinch. Some even have padded straps for extra relief on the shoulders from the weight of milk-filled breasts. The fabrics are soft and breathable, ideal for sensitive postpartum skin.

Holds Pumping Equipment Securely

Another key benefit is that the bra actually holds your pump flanges, valves, and bottles securely in place while in use. Rather than having to manually hold everything, nursing bras for pumping keep your equipment exactly where it needs to be for efficient pumping and milk collection. For active moms on the go, this can provide much-needed reassurance.

Minimizes Leaking and Holds Pads

During the postpartum period, leaking breasts are nearly inevitable. Breast pump bras provide exceptional coverage, compression, and support to help minimize embarrassing leaks. Many designs even have pockets built right in to hold absorbent nursing pads, for added protection. Containing those unexpected let downs brings peace of mind.

Can Increase Milk Supply

Some lactation consultants and moms report increased milk supply when pumping while wearing a snug, supportive nursing bra. The light compression may help facilitate thorough emptying of the breast. For mothers aiming to build milk supply, a quality breast pump bra may be an asset during pumping sessions.

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Allows Easy Access for Pumping

Rather than requiring you to completely remove your top and regular bra, breast pump bras allow quick access to your breasts. Simply unclasp the front flaps and you're ready to attach the pump parts without significant disrobing. Many styles even have the flaps arrange both on the bottom and top for optimal convenience. This also promotes modesty for moms who want to pump in semi-public places.

Provides Stylish Options

Gone are the days when nursing bras were restricted to basic white and beige only. Today there are a plethora of colors, prints, and styles designed to make you feel feminine and attractive. Choosing a pretty, flattering bra can do wonders for a new mom's confidence and self-image during the life-changing postpartum period. Feel like yourself while pumping by opting for a bra that brings you joy.

Reasons You May Not Need a Breast Pump Bra

Added Expense

For mothers on a tight budget, the price of some breast pump bras can be prohibitive. They are viewed as a specialty item, and thus come with a higher price tag than standard bras. For those exclusively nursing or pumping only occasionally, the cost may not warrant the benefits. Check for sales and discounts to get the most value if you do invest.

Those used to simply lifting their shirt up may find breast pump bras with clips, hooks, and flaps inconvenient and frustrating to use. Some women dislike anything that adds steps or complications to the pumping process. If your regular system works seamlessly, a change may not be beneficial.

Not Needed for Occasional Pumping

For moms who pump only occasionally, a breast pump bra may overly complicate an infrequent process. If you nurse primarily and only pump once daily or less, you may prefer to simply unzip your nursing bra or lift your top. Save the specialized bra for frequent pumpers.

Black Breast pump bra

Alternative Options Preferred

Some women opt to use alternatives like nursing camisoles or tanks rather than breast pump bras. They layer a stretchy camisole under their shirt instead, which allows easy access and coverage for pumping or nursing. For others, wearing a hands-free bustier feels more comfortable than bras while pumping.

Key Considerations for Determining if You Need a Breast Pump Bra

Here is a table comparing the needs for a breast pump bra:

User Type Recommendation
Exclusive pumpers Strongly Recommended
Moms pumping multiple times daily Strongly Recommended
Working/schooling moms pumping during breaks Strongly Recommended
Moms who pump on the go Strongly Recommended
Occasional pumpers Optional
Stay-at-home moms Optional
Moms with ample milk supply Optional
Moms who don't respond well to pumping Optional/Not Recommended

This table clearly outlines whether a breast pump bra would be strongly recommended, optional or not necessarily recommended based on a mother's pumping needs and lifestyle. It provides a quick reference for new moms to determine if investing in a pump bra makes sense for their individual situation.

    How Many Breast Pump Bras Are Needed?

    Build a collection of 5-10 nursing bras for confidence and convenience. Having enough allows you to rotate styles and always have a clean bra ready. Invest in quality bras that provide lasting comfort and support for your pumping journey.

    Look for bras that are comfortable, supportive, and facilitate hands-free pumping. The Momcozy bra is a top choice designed for easy nursing and pumping access. With stretchy, soft fabric that moves with you and adjustable straps for the perfect fit, it's a nursing bra you'll love wearing daily.


    A breast pump bra is a specialty garment designed explicitly for convenient, hands-free using a breast pump. While not considered universally essential, they offer substantial benefits that can optimize the pumping experience for many women. Busy moms who pump frequently tend to get the most use from the functionality and support breast pump bras provide.

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