Have Baby, Will Travel: Top Tips for Traveling While Breastfeeding

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The world keeps turning while we go through events that change our lives. And nothing is more life-changing than having a baby. While some mammas want to step out of life’s whirlwind to nest with their babies for a while, there are just as many who want to introduce their infants to the big wide world as soon as possible.

Traveling while breastfeeding is totally doable, but it does require a little bit of planning, a little bit of knowledge, and a little bit of kit. So here are our top tips to make traveling while nursing your baby a breeze.

Grab Your Gear

Travelling moms are well-prepared moms. They have picked the brains of other moms, done their research, or learned through trial and error that having the right kit can make breastfeeding or pumping while on the go so much easier.

Pump and Go:

Breastfeeding in public can sometimes be problematic. You may not be able to find somewhere sanitary, relaxed, or private enough for your personal comfort. So pumping may be easier. And if you bring a portable pump on your travels, it's easier yet. Momcozy’s hands-free breast pump is ultra-light and has a whisper-quiet operation. This means you can pump your milk whether you’re on a train, plane, or in an automobile!

That's a Wrap

If you have found a comfortable place to breastfeed, but you’d like a cover-up, invest in a baby wrap to provide some extra privacy. Using a sling or wrap is a convenient double-use tool to have handy. It acts as a sling to carry your baby and can be a really great added layer for discreet nursing.

It’s All In Planning

Nothing always goes to plan. But having some foreknowledge of your destination is going to work in a breastfeeding mamma’s favor.

Road Trip, Baby!

If you’re traveling by car, you might find nursing your baby at a planned stop is way more comfortable than at the roadside! Your baby will need to be strapped in their car seat and you’ll need to wear your seat belt while the car is underway, so stopping the car is essential when it’s time for your baby’s feed.

Check beforehand to see which gas stations, cafés, malls, or restaurants provide breastfeeding-friendly spaces along your route.

Express Lane

Nursing your baby may not always be possible, but you can still breastfeed! Expressed breast milk is still breastfeeding, so pumping before your trip can cover all bases if you’re not able to nurse. If you want to express enough milk to keep you going until you reach a destination where you can breastfeed comfortably, you can store it in specially designed storage bags.

These bags allow moms to freeze pumped milk for long-term storage. The bags even have a handy temperature gauge so you can transfer them to your cool bag when you’re ready to head off on your trip. And remember, breast milk can be stored at room temperature for up to four hours.

Passport Ready

Wherever you are in the US you have a legal right to breastfeed in public. But if you’re traveling internationally, not all countries have the same laws. So it’s good to have some idea of the rules regarding breastfeeding in public for the country you intend to visit.

Many countries not only welcome breastfeeding moms but encourage them to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. But you may find breastfeeding in public is not permitted by all countries. Checking out the rules beforehand will take the concern or confusion out of that particular question.

Trains & Planes

Many train stations and airports in the US are great at accommodating breastfeeding moms. And the amount of stations or airports that provide designated spaces for breastfeeding is growing.

Safe Space

The Mamava Pod locator will tell you which airports have “pods” for breastfeeding. These are small spaces which allow a bit more privacy for nursing.

Not all train stations and airports offer a specific room for breastfeeding mammas who are not as confident when breastfeeding in public. So remember to either use expressed milk or use a comforter to act as a cover-up if you want more privacy.

Room With a View

While traveling on a train or plane you could ask for or book a window seat. This means that you not only have the best seat in the vehicle (bonus!), but you also only have to worry about shielding one side if privacy is an issue for you. And for nursing a little more discreetly while travelling, remember a baby wrap is your best friend.  

It might surprise you to learn that breastfeeding your baby during takeoff and landing is a good idea. It has been found that breastfeeding during these sharper inclines and declines decreases the chances of your baby suffering from ear pain during pressure changes.

Also, don’t worry about your breastfeeding routines. To keep everyone happy, it might be best to take a “feed on demand” approach while in flight.

Traveling Without Your Baby?

If you’re traveling without your baby, you’ll be sharing the breastfeeding duties with family or your baby’s carer. Luckily, it’s easy to breastfeed from afar if you’ve pumped enough milk before you go.

You can use Momcozy pump while you’re planning your trip and store your expressed milk in freezable storage bags. The bags enable you to input data so everyone can stay informed and you know you’re still nurturing your baby no matter how far away your trip takes you.

Good To Know

When you’re planning a plane trip, it’s good to know some rules about expressed milk. The short story is that breast-pumped milk, and the ice packs needed to keep it fresh for longer, are permitted on flights inside the US. But for the full set of guidelines visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) site.

And remember, you are permitted to breastfeed in public wherever you are in the US by law. But with a little bit of planning, breastfeeding while you’re traveling isn’t something to “fit in” to your trip—it’s part of the journey!

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