How To Solve the 5 Common Problems With Stair Safety Gates

How To Solve the 5 Common Problems With Stair Safety Gates

A safety gate in your house is of utmost importance to any homeowner, and this would be raised to the highest level when you have kids. When used properly, safety gates for stairs greatly reduce the chance of injury for your children or pets as a result of falling down from stairs or any elevated area. Anyone who has raised a child knows, once they are on their feet and mobile, there is no stopping them. Even the most vigilant of moms and dads have experienced the skill of these little escape artists. One minute they are within your sight, then they’re off somewhere in the house. This can be quite dangerous, especially when you have stairs. With that in mind, using safety gates for stairs would be ideal.

Most people experience a problem when selecting or fitting stair safety gates. It may include too wide or too narrow stair safety gates. If you are struggling with these problems, then this guide is for you. Here you will find the solution related to baby safety gates problems. 

Factors to consider when choose stair safety gates to avoid common problems with safety gates

As you choose your baby gates for stairs, to get the best design, you need to know the best types to pick and choose. There are two high on-demand types of baby gats that you should go for, and they are the pressure mounted, and the hardware mounted designs. Hardware mounted are those types that are actually attached to the wall regardless of the location as it should be safe and they are thus more secure than the pressure baby gates types. In essence, hardware mounted types are bolted to the framing inside the walls of the house while the pressure types are simply pressed on the opposing walls.

As you choose these baby gates regardless of the type, you need to know the size of your baby. These devices are mainly meant for babies, especially those who are old than three years. You need to make sure that the baby gate is big enough and strong to support the child and make sure that he does not fall as he enjoys. However, as this device will make your stairs safe for your kids, you should always be careful as you leave your child alone back at home for a long period.

5 Common Problems with Stair Safety Gates and how to solve them

1. Doorway gap is too narrow

A narrow doorway gap is a common problem that probably all parents face. In this case, the  baby retractable gate is the best solution to solve this problem. This gate folds into itself and leaves a small space when it opens while extending to the desired length you need. This feature is not handy for narrow areas only. It is also equally applicable for wide and normal areas. So, you can say that it is a versatile solution for many openings. Momcozy’s retractable gate is the best choice to curb this problem. You can easily move the baby safety gates to multiple locations if you buy some extra brackets to install in several doorways. A win-win situation!

2. You don’t want to invest in a screw fit stair gate at the top of the stairs 

One in five parents doesn’t want to invest in a screw fit stair gate when it is installed. This is the biggest mistake that creates a lot of problems, but most parents take this risk. It is recommended that install a screw fit baby safety gate. For top of your stairs, install screw in a pressure-fit gate.

There are two main reasons to do the same. First, screw fit gate doesn’t come with a U-bar frame that can cause a trip hazard. It can be more dangerous when you are at the top of the stairs and going through the gate that leads to falling after tripping over it. They are likely to be more fit as compared to the pressure-fit safety gates as these gates are screw-fitted. However, installing screw-fit gates at the bottom of the stairs is less important. 

3. Stairway or Doorway Is Too Wide

If your stairway or doorway is too wide, then it can create a problem for you. However, almost all stair gates provide the standard width doors, but there is a solution for those stairways that are too wide. If you are living in a new property, then any stair gate can fit easily because stairways are not likely to be extra wide in a new property. When you are going to shop baby safety gate, choose the one which has been built to fit extra wider width doorframes or stairways. It might be possible that such gates are not available in your nearest shop, but you can buy them online. Momcozy has a good range of stair safety gates.

4. Baby safety gate will be rusted if we put it on the porch

In the baby gate world, this can be a concern because most safety gates are not built to brave sunshine, rain, wind and snow. Thankfully, Momcozy safety gates come with a powder-coat finish that won’t rust if you put them on the porch. Bear in mind that screw might rust. So, to protect your safety gate, use the spray-on rust protector.

5. The surfaces are not even, and stairs have an unusual shape

Some stairs have a very unusual shape that doesn’t support installing baby gates. You may feel perplexed if your stairs have a landing, curve or odd shape. This is very challenging to find the right safety gate for such stairs. It is not simple to put a stair safety gate at the top of the stairs when the surface on either side is not even. In this case, you have only a few options that can handle such a situation. However, extra-wide Momcozy Retractable baby gate for stairs is the best option to go.

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