Is It OK to Sleep in a Breastfeeding Nursing Bras?

Is It OK to Sleep in a Breastfeeding Nursing Bras?

Protruding breastfeeding mom bra straps are a problem for many ladies. They are disturbing, especially when we reach for outfits with bare shoulders or backs. In such cases, they can spoil even the best styling. So how do you prevent this from happening? See how to fasten your bra so that the shoulder straps are not visible.

Hands-free beastfeeding mom bras

Protruding bra straps - what to do with them?

Probably every woman had to face the problem of protruding straps from the bra. Whether it's in the summer, when we wear open blouses or popular Spanish women, or on special occasions when we reach for low-cut dresses.

 There are many situations in which breastfeeding mom bra straps simply disturb us. On the other hand, styling without a bra may not be the optimal solution either. So how do you deal with this problem?

A few years ago, silicone straps were quite a popular method for protruding straps. Today, however, most women consider them a relic that does not save their styling at all. An alternative for them are self-supporting bras - these, however, are not suitable for ladies with large breasts.

What to do then? You can check how to fasten your bra so that the shoulder straps are not visible! There are a few simple ways that will help you hide the bra straps quickly and easily.

How to put on a breastfeeding mom bra?

One of the most popular and effective ways to hide the shoulder straps from your bra is to use a strap that lowers the clasp. It is an uncomplicated and cheap gadget that will allow you to disguise the shoulder straps.

It is also extremely easy to use, which is why it is becoming more and more popular among women. It is enough to attach the strap to the clasp of the bra, and then pull the whole thing down by up to a few centimeters. These straps are usually adjustable and fit most standard bras.

 Breastfeeding mom bra come in the most classic colors - black, white, and ecru - although in many lingerie stores you can also find them in other colors. They are perfect for creations cut on the back.

How many bras should a woman have in her drawer? It depends on the lifestyle, underwear requirements, how intensely you sweat, financial possibilities, and the advancement of the bra.

As you can see, there are many variables. On this note, I will try to present this topic so that you know what to look for and what to look for when you go shopping.

Breastfeeding mom bra: price and quality

At Bra Revolution, we sell high-quality underwear that can withstand a lot and serves our customers for years. The price of our bras includes a choice of not 10 but over 100 sizes. You also pay for refined structures and quality of workmanship.

 In the case of underwear made of lower-quality materials that do not breathe, they will stretch faster and deteriorate - you will have to replace your bras with new ones more often.

Is breastfeeding mom bra expensive?

A more expensive bra in the long run is often cheaper and certainly more planet-friendly because of its long life. You can invest this plus or minus in a good quality breastfeeding mom bra, it's worth it.

 Better to have a few sureties in your wardrobe that will work in any situation than a dozen uncomfortable bras that you will not be happy with.

It is often repeated that the minimum number of bras you should have in your wardrobe is 3. One in the wash, one in a drawer, and one that you are currently wearing. This theory is based on the knowledge of the fiber properties of most bras.

They are elastane fibers that stretch over the body during use, providing adequate support, but also the ability to breathe freely. These fibers, after a whole day of work on the body, need time to shrink back and cool down. Like a mantra, we repeat that bras should be washed by hand - the too-high temperature harms elastane fibers.

They burst, characteristic white threads come out, and the circumference is getting looser and less likely to work on the body. How does this relate to the number of bras in your drawer?

Aging breastfeeding mom bra

Our body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius, and the bra is worn on average 12 hours a day. It's quite a high temperature for quite a long time.

 If you do not sweat intensely and you feel that you can wear a bra for 2-3 days before it goes to the wash and you walk in it for 2-3 days without a break. Unfortunately, you are destroying it just by overheating the material it is made of.

We recommend the so-called aging for a bra. You wear it one day and give it a minimum of one day's rest. Later, you can put breastfeeding mom bra on again while the previous one is resting. This way, with three bras, you can wash your clothes about once a week without worrying about using your underwear too much.

Will all these bras aging fun pay off?

Yes! Even the most expensive underwear, used very intensively, will wear out faster than the one we let you rest. The flexibility of the circumference is important for good bust support.

The stretched circumference will not give us optimal support and ends up moving the underwire, stabbing here and there, pain in the spine ... The longer the breastfeeding mom bra holds its circumference, the longer it serves us!

I will come back to the frequency of washing for a moment. Of course, in the case of intense movement, increased sweating, or unpleasant smell, there is no need to wonder. The bra should go straight to the wash.

What kind of bras do I need?

You look at your underwear and think: I don't like any of them, none of them fits properly. I have to go to the bra fitter and buy something decent. You come, you measure and you can't decide what bra to choose. They all fit well, you don't know what to buy.

Are you wondering how many breastfeeding mom bras a woman should have?

We always recommend that you start from scratch in such a situation.

It is best to buy the most versatile bra at the beginning, which is comfortable and which you will be willing to reach every day. If you wear shirts and do not want to worry about see-through laces - choose a plain, flesh-colored bra.

If perfect smoothness isn't important, you might want to check out our bestsellers, the Envy or Clara models, both with elastic laces that will perfectly fit your body. Do you like wearing only dark clothes? You can reach for something dark.

The target number of bras is a minimum of three for everyday use, plus underwear for special tasks.

Breastfeeding mom bra for special tasks

 A set of everyday bras that will give you support and comfort every day is the basis. In addition, it is also worth considering having bras for special tasks. Depending on your lifestyle, it may be useful to you.

Sports bra - an absolute must if you play sports. We categorically do not recommend using everyday bras for this purpose, more on that here 

A sleep bra - there are no indications that each of us should sleep in a bra. In the case of heavy breasts, the arrangement of which during sleep makes you uncomfortable, it is worth trying to sleep in a breastfeeding mom bra.

It can be a non-wired, soft bra bought especially for this purpose, but it can also work for a stretched, old bra, after removing the underwire? It's worth trying different options

Strapless bra - useful when you want to expose your shoulders! A well-chosen strapless bra should be comfortable and provide sufficient support for the bust. Nevertheless, this type of bra will rarely be able to replace the strapless version.

How many bras should a woman have in her drawer? I hope this text has helped you get closer to the answer to this question.

What features Momcozy hands-free breastfeeding bra have?

Momcozy Breastfeeding nursing pumping bras

Breastfeeding, breast pumping, or both can be done while wearing the Momcozy nursing bra. It enables mothers who are pumping to continue with their daily activities.

  • Comfortable & Skin-friendly Material 93% Cotton, 7% Spandex
  • Detachable Clip Design & Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • The ‘X’ Structure and Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Fit All Breast Pumps
Mom's Choice Awards

This award-winning bra, has three functions for moms throughout the breastfeeding stage—free-hand pumping, nursing, and daily wearing. It allows you to hug your demanding baby as you pump without changing bras.

High stretches

The materials can always provide adequate area for swollen breasts when milk comes in, while snug, the soft cotton fabric may tenderly soothe irritated breasts well.

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