Practical Tips for Purchasing On the Go Breast Pump

Practical Tips for Purchasing On the Go Breast Pump

Production of breast milk can be done manually or with an on the go breast pump. Breast pumps come in a wide variety and are available for purchase or rental. Your decision will be based on how you intend to use it.

Why a breast pump might be necessary?

You might need to express milk when your infant is unwell or preterm, when you are away from home, or when you go back to work. You can also express milk to blend with your baby's first solid foods or when your breasts feel too full. Many women express milk and save it for unexpected situations.

While some women just need to express for a little time, others intend to do so permanently. Different on the go breast pump is made for various levels of usage.

If your child is unable to be nursed from birth, you should start pumping as soon as you are able. Speak to the pediatrician or lactation specialist about using a breast pump to increase your supply if you have multiple children.

You can start pumping sooner and freeze the milk if you're preparing to return to work.

How can I choose an appropriate breast pump?

Your demands and financial situation will determine which breast pump is ideal for you. Of course, you need to consider your budget, and Momcozy has an on the go breast pump that will work with it. You should also consider how frequently you will be pumping; certain pumps are better suited for light-duty use than others.

You should consider where you will pump as well. Do you need a portable pump, or can you just plug one in?

Features of All-in-one Wearable Breast Pump - M1

Start small and go big

All-in-one Wearable Breast Pump is more comfortable to wear and significantly less cumbersome and visible. Its three modes and more 9 intensities enable you to start modest but finish big and increase milk production.

The closed system of the Momcozy M1 on the go breast pump entirely separates milk from the motor and pump parts. Leaks won't be an issue when you're wearing this pump.

Unified Body Design

It has a smaller size for better concealment in daily life and also at work. It can be fitted on the breast with less weight and bulge due to its reduced size to increase convenience.

As Quiet as A Murmur

As quiet as a murmur, so quiet that it won't wake your baby even on a silent night while pumping in public and won't draw attention from other people.

9 Intensities in 3 Modes

On the go breast pump has 3 modes and 9 intensities for the greater care of mothers. It is possible to control the suction, determining the ideal force for each breast to produce less discomfort and greater satisfaction.

Simple to assemble

It is available with an integrated design with only four replaceable parts, simple to take apart and put back together.

This pump has three sizes of flanges that measure 21/24/27mm, providing a wonderful opportunity to avoid pick-up problems and effectively addressing the issue of nipple and areola size.

For a variety of reasons — the need to return to work, travel, comfort, medical complications, or even if the baby was born prematurely — 21st-century mothers can't always breastfeed in the traditional way. That is why more and more women choose to use a breast pump; a device sometimes called “the best friend of breastfeeding “due to the simplicity that its use requires and its effectiveness.

 In today's article, learn how to choose the on the go breast pump, according to your needs.

Benefits of giving breast milk to the baby

It is known that for some decades now, the scientific community has agreed to highlight the innumerable benefits of breast milk. As marked by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, it has antibodies that protect the baby from diseases and help prevent overweight in childhood.


In relation to the mother, it helps in her physical recovery, reduces the risk of hemorrhage, reduces the risk of postpartum depression, and prevents breast and ovarian cancer. For its part, the family is also favored insofar as the purchase of formula milk is not required, which implies significant economic savings.

Advantages of using a breast pump

The main advantage of having a pump is that it allows the baby to have breast milk at all times, without the need for the mother to be present.

Now, not all breast pumps are created equal; It is likely that, in some cases, mothers are dizzy with the wide variety of options offered by the market and do not know which model best suits them. Therefore, we list below some tips that can help you determine which breast pump is better.

Tips for choosing the best On the Go Breast Pump

  1. Think about whether a double or single on the go breast pump will be suitable 

Depending on how often you plan to use it; you have to ask yourself if you will use it only to supplement traditional breastfeeding or full-time.

The simple pump, which is designed for a single breast, is suitable for occasional use. The second, for its part, extracts from both, so it will be advantageous for mothers who need to use it more frequently. It will allow them to obtain twice as much milk at the same time in a practical way. 

It adjusts to the shape of the breast and has rechargeable batteries, becoming a portable pump. It can be used both at home and in other places. In this sense, the mother will be able to express milk in the place that she prefers, comfortably and without pain.

 It also has the functionality of stimulation and suction at various levels, being completely adjustable to the mother's preferences.

2. Consider if you prefer it to be electrically or manually operated

Currently, the market offers both manually and electrically operated extractorsAs with single and double extractors, it is important to consider whether or not they will be used full-time; because, although manual extractors have the advantage of being low cost, they involve a lot of pumping work. 

On the contrary, the electric on the go breast pump has a motor that frees the mother from that work; In addition, they mimic the rhythm of natural breastfeeding and have different levels of suction, to provide greater comfort.

3. Prefer a new extractor

It is very important to keep in mind that it is not safe to borrow or buy a pump that has already been used because it carries risks for the health of the mother and the baby. Although it is apparently clean, it could cause harmful infections. It is advisable to invest in a new device to protect both mother and child.

4. Before buying, please read the product features carefully

Pause over each feature that seems important to you. Some key things to keep in mind are:

  • Yes it is removable for optimal washing
  • If you bring accessories (such as container/bottle or breast protectors)
  • The size
  • Whether it is wireless or must be permanently plugged in
  • Engine noise level
  • If you have one or two extractors
  • If your pieces resist heat for proper washing and/or sterilization

There is no better food for babies than natural breast milk. Breastfeeding creates bonding and intimacy. It is a beautiful expression of love. But at the same time it is a challenge, especially at night, and -as with challenges- it is good to have an assistant to support us in a crisis situation.

 During lactation, an important ally of every woman is the on the go breast pump: it helps in difficult moments, soothes, offers a moment of rest, and also allows the father to be included in this wonderful process. With a breast pump, feeding and caring for your baby is simply easy.

Breast pump: helps with night feeding

There is no denying that it is also an extremely intense period in which every moment of rest is worth its weight in gold. Especially demanding can be night feedings, when the baby wakes up, even every 2 hours, asking for food. In these situations, mothers are the most exposed to fatigue.

Breastfeeding on demand is demanding and, in addition, women may continue to feel the consequences of childbirth. Intensive breastfeeding can cause discomfort: Painful breast engorgement, sore breasts, and cracked nipples are the least pleasant side of breastfeeding.

Nights without continuous sleep and pain can be really hard! Fortunately, there is a rescue: the breast pump offers the possibility of resting at least a little. In combination with a co-sleeping cot for babies, you will be able to sleep more at night: thanks to these accessories you will not have to get up or wake up. It only takes a moment to feed your little one and then the two of you can go back to resting peacefully.


Whichever on the go breast pump you choose, all of them will give you relief. If you express the milk in the afternoon, you can entrust the father to take care of the baby at night, in this way he will also feel as necessary as the mother and will create a more intimate relationship with the child. And you can sleep a little longer.

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