Suggestions for Using an Electric Breast Pump

Suggestions for Using an Electric Breast Pump

A breast pump is a device that aids a lactating woman in extracting milk from her breasts. They are generally powered by hand/foot movements, or by means of electricity or batteries. A lot of new moms worry about how to use a breast pump, it's cleaning, and ease of use. Although, it can be an empowering experience- all you need to have the right plan for pumping. Here are some suggestions for using a double electric breast pump.

Benefits of using a double electric breast pump

Ability to Keep Breast Milk Supply

 As a mother, you will not always be around in order to feed your child. You will be required to return to work after some time or leave for a few days. Breastfeeding works as a supply and demand system: the more milk you get out of your body, the more your body will produce the milk. If you stop feeding even for a few hours, your milk supply will drop. Double electric breast pumps are a good device to keep handy in order to keep the milk flowing. 

Reduce Risk of Passing on Germs When ill

Breast pumps will enable you to have an emergency stash that you may use when you catch yourself a bug. Having any particular illness will stop you from being able to provide breastfeeding to your infant, so keeping the breast pump and using it to store fresh milk will cover for your inability to breastfeed (breastfeeding while sick is frowned upon because this might transfer your germs to the baby).

Ability to Give Your Child the Best Milk

The biggest benefit of using a breast pump is that you will be able to give your child the best nutrition that he needs even if you’re not there. Remember that while baby formulas are designed to closely mimic breast milk, your breast milk is designed specifically for your baby.

Suggestions for Using an Electric Breast Pump

Pump Both Breasts simultaneously

When you breastfeed or pump on one side then the other breast expresses a bit of milk. You can increase that milk letdown using the best electric breast pump like Momcozy double electric breast pump and pump bot breast at once. This way, milk-making hormones will be increased in your body. It also lets you pump more milk than you would when pumping each breast alone.

Moisten the Horns of your breast pump

Lubricate the horns of your breast pump with a vegetable oil or lanolin cream. But make sure to use a small amount of lubricant. This way, the breast’s friction against the horns will be minimized and help you to pump engage more of a breast. The mouth of the baby does the same.

Keep a Breast Pump Schedule

If you are a working mom or pumping exclusively, keep the breast pump schedule to help your body familiar and make most of your pumping session. The more frequently you do your pumping session, the more milk you will express. 


It is true that it is hard to relax when you pump due to its motor noise. But a relaxing environment can produce more milk supply, so try to be relaxed. Sit in a comfortable place, lower the lights, and play some soothing tune and feel you snuggle close to your little one. This way, not only you will be mentally relaxed but also produce more breast milk.

Keep your Baby's Smell and sight close

If you are not with your baby while using a double electric breast pump, keep his photo or take along his shirt or blanket. The smell and sight of your baby will trigger the hormones that let down more milk.

Use a Good double electric Pump

Investing in a good double electric pump can help you a lot if you pump regularly. A good quality breast pump comes with a powerful motor that helps to collect the optimal amount of breast milk. Moreover, such pumps have a good suction pattern and speed that helps to mimic the baby’s sucking and leads to more milk let down. You can adjust its speed and suction pattern according to your needs and comfort.

7 Steps for Comfortable Pumping
  1. Determine how often you will need to pump. How long will you be away from your baby or if you work shifts, and how long are your shifts?
  2. If you are working part-time, consider a manual pump especially if you pump occasionally. They are cheaper and convenient to travel with.
  3. Consider either a manual of a small motorized pump if you will be pumping just once or twice daily. These pumps are not expensive and are portable.
  4. If you will be away from your baby for more than a couple of hours each day, the best breast pump for you will be a full-size automatic electric pump. Although they are slightly pricey, they are more effective in the long run since they allow you to double pump and maintain your milk supply for a longer period of time.
  5. When you purchase a pump, find one with insulated cooler bags and blue ice packs if no refrigerator is available in your work station. With cooler bags, you can store your milk for up to a full day.
  6. Ask your insurance company if it will cover the purchase or long term rental of a pump if you need to pump for medical reasons.
  7. If you travel on the road often, find a pump that comes with a car adapter. While you may not want to pump while you drive, you can always pull over in the middle of your journey and pump in the back of your car discreetly.
Why MomCozy Double electric breast pump is the best?
This pump is by far the best breast pump recommended not only by mothers but also by lactation experts. It is perfect for all, even for mothers who have trouble expressing milk or have larger nipples. With its 2-phase expression pumping to mimic a baby’s natural nursing pattern, this pump brings a new meaning to the word comfort. In the first phase, the pump copies the baby’s initial rapid suckling pattern to stimulate milk flow. After two minutes, it switches to the expression mode where the slower stronger, and the deeper setting is to promote more efficient milk collection. This pump is a worthwhile investment especially for full-time working moms because it constantly delivers without fail.

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