Top 5 Features of Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

Top 5 Features of Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

The Reason You Need Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

Breast milk can still care for your kid while you are unable to. If your baby is premature or ill and you are away from him or her, using Momcozy S9 Pro breast pump will help you keep up your milk production.

In the event of an emergency, a power outage, or an unforeseen circumstance, manual options are also available. The greatest option for your infant is breastfeeding, and Momcozy makes it simple. 

Top 5 Features of Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

You can be more liberated

  • Being able to run errands or have the occasional date night with your partner is made possible by having a breast pump on hand.
  • Breast pumps give working mothers the satisfaction of giving their infants the finest possible care.
  • If your infant is too ill or premature to nurse at delivery, Momcozy S9 Pro breast pump enables you to give breast milk to the child.
  • Pumping while you are away from your child also enables you to avoid the costs and health hazards associated with using formula.

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Reduce Breastfeeding Problems

  • While working with a lactation specialist, you can increase and maintain your milk production by using a breast pump.
  • Pumping will relieve stress when you start weaning your baby.
  • If your nipples' flatness or inversion makes latching difficult, pumping will assist soften the nipples so that it is possible to latch more easily.

Unsure what size flanges you need for your new breast pump? Check out Momcozy's detailed nipple measuring instructions and size chart to find your ideal fit.

Additional Motives for Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

  • Pumping will assist you to drain your breast and speed up the healing process if you have mastitis or other health problems.
  • Dad can bond with the baby while still giving healthful breast milk if you decide to contribute extra milk to a milk bank.

Why Mothers use Momcozy S9 Pro Wearable Breast Pump?

1.Lasts all day long: pump whenever, anywhere.

Moms may save more time with the S9 Pro's hands-free pumps because they operate more effectively and quickly. Pumping in baby-stimulation mode reduces nipple soreness and promotes greater letdown. Momcozy S9 Pro breast pump uses less than 50 dB sound level during the silent night. Suction range of 280–300 mmHg for hospitals. LED screens allow for quick viewing even at night. Automatic 30-minute shut-off while not in use.

2.Simple, modest, and quiet

This S9 Pro wearable breast pump has been downsized by 20% and is now 20% lighter, so there is no bulk or added weight in the bra.

You can pump entirely hands-free whenever and wherever you choose with no tangled or unkempt cables to hinder you or get in the way. An improved way to pump at home, work, or while traveling.

Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump: one Charge for 24 Hours

With a larger battery and Type-C charging connector that charges faster, the S9 Pro wearable pump can pump for up to 180 minutes in six to eight sessions in about 2.5 hours.

Uncomplicated and Adaptable

The S9 Pro breast pump has two expression modes and combined suction with nine degrees of intensity for each, which encourages the baby's natural sucking rhythm and boosts milk production, and enables mothers to obtain more milk faster.

Pumping at night is made simpler by the LED screen's very easy readability even at a glance and its waking-no-baby 50db sound.

Electric breast pump: minimum time for the milk expression process

Electric breast pumps are essential devices after the birth of a child. This is especially true when it comes to the first birth when a new task is set before the female breast. Products are also indispensable for a young mother who initially managed to establish breastfeeding.

Why are electric breast pumps needed and how do they work?

There are situations when a nursing woman needs to leave the baby for several hours. In such cases, an electric breast pump comes to the rescue, which allows you to make a supply of food for the baby. Such devices are also chosen because of the stimulation of milk production.

With its lack, it will be possible to slightly increase the volume. On the site, you can choose a model that will satisfy your request in terms of parameters and cost. 

Top 5 Features of Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

Momcozy Pro breast pump in comparison with other varieties is the fastest and easiest. It is easy to use; it does not require special skills. The principle of operation is based on the creation of a vacuum. The device is activated by an electric motor attached to the funnel.

Pumping devices are able to operate from the mains, batteries, and batteries. The set can contain bottles or complete storage systems. The process of pumping out milk is similar to the natural feeding of a child, therefore it does not cause discomfort in women.

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Advantages of electric Breast Pump

Useful functionality:

  • According to the type of electric breast pump, it is divided into single and double. The second option performs suction from both breasts. As a result, the procedure is accelerated without pain.
  • Biphasic pumping. The program provides an imitation of the natural sucking rhythm of a child. The product may suggest the presence of a gentle stimulation mode. At first, the breasts are stimulated to develop, and only then the transition to the collection follows. This makes the process more efficient and gentle.
  • Force adjustment. The function helps to smoothly express and simulate the sucking of the baby.

How to choose a breast pump?

With the birth of a child, a young mother has to face various difficulties, including establishing breastfeeding. This process does not always go smoothly. Often, to start lactation and prevent stagnation, a breast pump is needed - a special device that allows you to express milk quickly and painlessly.

It is not easy to do it by hand. If the breasts are tight, manual pumping can be quite traumatic. At the same time, some women experience physical and psychological discomfort. There are no problems with a breast pump like this.

In what situations is a breast pump needed?

The process of establishing breastfeeding is individual for everyone: some can do without a special device; other women manage to avoid a number of health problems thanks to a breast pump.

Sometimes it happens that milk begins to arrive even before the baby is born. In such situations, the need for a breast pump is not discussed.

Also, its purchase is justified if:

  • Mom plans to leave maternity leave early, but at the same time use breast milk for nutrition. In such cases, with the help of a breast pump, you can express and save the milk in advance.
  • The child was born prematurely. In premature babies, the sucking reflex is not sufficiently developed. Using a breast pump will help maintain breastfeeding until the baby can be put to the breast.
  • Symptoms of milk stagnation appeared. This is an unpleasant phenomenon in which the breast "burns", are painful to the touch. To prevent inflammation of the mammary gland and the development of mastitis, it is necessary to empty the breast of stagnant thick milk as soon as possible.
  • Lactation is insufficient. During childbirth, milk arrives 3-5 days after the birth of the baby. If the delivery took place by cesarean section, milk may come later.
  • Breasts are tight and it is very difficult for the baby to get milk by sucking. A breast pump will promote pumping, which will eventually help establish breastfeeding.
  • Nipples are retracted or flat. In such a situation, the baby will not be able to grasp the breast area correctly, or will not be full. The mother can express milk and feed the baby from a bottle.
  • The mother is taking medications that are incompatible with breastfeeding. In such a situation, milk must be expressed to maintain lactation.
  • The baby needs to be weaned. Pediatricians do not recommend breastfeeding a child after 1.5-2 years. If the mother is still producing milk by this time, it can be expressed with a breast pump.

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Types of breast pumps by type of work

There are mechanical and electric models of breast pumps. The first ones are more affordable - electric ones are many times more expensive. When using a mechanical breast pump, you need to apply a special pad to the breast and by pressing on the pear create a vacuum around the areola. This leads to pumping.

In turn, manual breast pumps are divided into:

  • Pumps - they have a simple design. The device consists of an areola pad in the form of a funnel and a pump. Milk arrives after each pump is pressed. There are products with and without a bottle for collecting milk. Regular use is tiring and can cause cracks to appear on the nipples.
  • Syringes - consist of two cylinders. One of them is applied to the area around the nipple. Pumping occurs as a result of back-and-forth movements. To use such a device, you need to get used to it.
  • The pistons have a design in the form of a funnel pad and a special lever that creates a vacuum.


When using Momcozy S9 Pro breast pump, mom can do other things. It is enough to attach the pad to the nipple area, and the process will start automatically; electric models are single- and two-phase. The first allows you to adjust the rhythm and force of pumping.

Top 5 Features of Momcozy S9 Pro Breast Pump

The second - can imitate the rhythm of breast sucking by a child and "memorize" it. If the breast pump works on one breast, attach a special pad to the other to prevent milk leakage.

Whichever model you choose, you must follow the rules of hygiene every time you use the device, wash it well using non-aggressive detergents, and disinfect the device.

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