What Health Benefits Can You Get from Silent Breast Pump?

What Health Benefits Can You Get from Silent Breast Pump?

When can a silent breast pump be useful?

  • When a nursing mother is unable to attach the baby to the breast (forced separation from the baby after delivery for medical reasons)
  • When the baby still does not suckle enough (e.g. low weight)
  • When the mother returns to work or has to be absent from home
  • To reduce breast tension and pain in case of breast engorgement.

How to express breast milk with your hands?

Some initial acts are used to activate the oxytocin reflex, the hormone that acts before and during breastfeeding and which allows the milk to flow out:

  • Keep your breasts warm, with compresses or a shower
  • Sit comfortably
  • Massage with your fingers and gently stretch your nipples
  • Lightly massage the breast with a rotating motion in the direction of the nipple, keeping the hand closed

At this point, after a thorough hand washing, the mother must:

  • Sit comfortably and hold a plastic container near your breast
  • Place the thumb over the areola and the index finger with the ring finger below (forming a letter "c" with the fingers)
  • Press the thumb and forefinger lightly inwards towards the chest wall, for 1-2 cm
  • Firmly squeeze the part of the breast below the areola between the index finger and thumb
  • Press and release many times, without causing pain (if the oxytocin reflex is active, the milk flows from the beginning; other times it takes a few minutes before it comes out)
  • Repeat the squeezing several times, rotating the hand from time to time in order to squeeze the milk from the whole breast;
  • Squeeze the breasts for at least 3-5 minutes, until the flow slows down and the milk starts dripping. Then proceed in the same way with the other breast. Repeat this two or three times on each side.

An adequate expressing of the milk takes, especially on the first days, 20-30 minutes.
Mom can use both hands for each breast, or switch hands when she feels tired.

The Silent Breast Pump: When and Which?

When a mother has difficulty expressing milk with her hands, or when she has to express milk for a long time.

It is important to have an effective, fast and painless breast pump available. A professional electric breast pump would be preferable; in this case, you can rent the electric compressor at the pharmacy and buy only the double personal kit, which can also be used as a common manual breast pump.

The rubber pump breast pump is not very efficient and it gets contaminated easily. The syringe breast pump is more effective than the pump for relieving engorgement.

How to use the silent breast pump?

The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Keeping your breasts warm, taking compresses, or taking a shower
  • Sit comfortably
  • Start shooting with a minimum intensity, gradually increasing.

It takes some time for the milk flow to be sufficient and the amount of milk can also vary. If the milk does not flow immediately, it still takes patience, and the mother must remain relaxed: increasing the pressure of the breast pump could cause pain.

Frequent pumping and completely emptying the breasts increase milk production. In order for it to be kept adequate, in the absence of suckling of the newborn, the milk must be pumped six to eight times a day, in quantities of at least 700 cc. of milk per day.

Best time to use silent breast pump

The best time to pump is in the morning, as soon as the mother wakes up, when the baby hasn't emptied her breast completely, or 1-2 hours after suckling. The silent breast pump is a device used by women during the period of breastfeeding which, by stimulating the suckling of the newborn, helps to express breast milk relatively easily and quickly. 

There are two different types of breast pumps on the market: the manual breast pump and the electric breast pump. It should be specified that there is no better type than another, as the choice of which type of breast pump to use is essentially based on the specific needs of the mother-child couple. So let's find out how it works.

How to use the breast pump?

As mentioned, breast pumps can be of two types:

  • Manuals;

The silent breast pump is characterized by a very simple operation, which does not require too much effort on the part of the user.

To make good use of it is good to use some precautions before proceeding with its use. 

  • It is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that the breast pump and its components are clean and dry;
  • Before applying the breast pump cup, it is recommended to pass a warm wipe over the breast and nipple and apply a warm compress to the affected area, in order to make sure that the skin is clean but also the breast has been stimulated enough to promote the release of breast milk. 
  • Once the silent breast pump cup is applied to the nipples (s), the milk extraction mechanism will be activated (manually or electrically). 

The frequency with which to pump the milk, as well as its production, depends on several factors that change according to the needs of the mother and baby. 

In general, it is recommended to have short milk pumping sessions of 15/20 minutes per breast to avoid excessive stimulation of the breast.

When to use the breast pump?

The breast pump can be used for several reasons, among the main ones:

  • When the mother cannot breastfeed the baby every two / three hours;
  • When the baby needs to be breastfed due to other commitments or returning to work;
  • When there is a need to increase milk production;
  • When there is excessive pain when latching on to the breast, while breastfeeding;
  • When the baby is born prematurely, is in a hospital, or has difficulty in sucking. 


Manual breast pump and electric silent breast pump: the differences

Between the two, the manual breast pump is the cheapest and easiest to carry model, as well as being the ideal model for occasional use. 

From a practical point of view, it requires a greater commitment on the part of the mother who manually has to press the lever to pump the milk, involving a greater waste of time than the electric breast pump. 

The electric breast pump, on the other hand, is the most suitable model for those who have to use it frequently, i.e. when the milk must be pumped several times a day or for longer periods. Furthermore, being automated, it does not require any intervention from the mother. 

Some models of silent breast pump on the market also have a double connection that allows you to simultaneously extract the milk from the two breasts, allowing you to perform the operation more quickly.

How to store milk?

  • Fill the container (hard plastic or glass) three-quarters full
  • Add the milk drawn on the same day to the same container
  • Milk can be stored at room temperature for 8-10 hours (in summer it is preferable not to exceed 4 hours), in the refrigerator for 48 hours, or in the freezer for 3 months
  • Thawed milk can stay in the refrigerator for 48 hours
  • The milk is defrosted or heated in hot water, in a water bath. Do not defrost in the microwave oven to avoid the decrease of some essential components of milk (such as lysozyme and immunoglobulins) and to avoid too high temperatures that could burn the infant.

Silent Breast Pump: cleaning and sterilization

  • Remove the breast cup valve, remove the membrane and rinse it thoroughly with the cup, even upside down.
  • On first use and then once a day, all parts that come into contact with the breast and milk must be disassembled, washed, rinsed, and placed in a sufficiently large pot, filled with cold water until all the pieces are well covered. The tubes, not coming into contact with the milk, must be boiled only when they have traces of milk.
  • Bring the water to a boil for three minutes.
  • Drain the water, the hot pieces should be cooled and dried on a clean cloth.

As an alternative to boiling, the disassembled parts of silent breast pump can be washed in the dishwasher with the complete standard program.

After each use, parts that come into contact with breast milk should be washed in warm water containing a mild detergent, rinsed in cold water, and allowed to air dry on a clean cloth. Pipes must be hung to dry in the air.

What Features Momcozy S12 Pro Breast Pump have?

  • PP + Silicone as a material
  • Standard Flange Size: 24mm
  • 50 dB or less of silence
  • Suction Force: 280–300 mm Hg
  • About 1.5 hours to charge
  • 140 minutes, spread across 5 sessions.
  • Charging Model: Type-C (compatible with 5V 1A adapter)
  • Six ounces per container (you are recommended to pump within 4oz)

Milk, not enough? Pumping pain? Continual leakage Our hands-free breast pump, the Momcozy S12 Pro silent breast pump, is so convenient that you might forget you're still pumping. Yeah, we've done extensive community interviews to find out what annoys moms about pumping.

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