Why Christmas Gift Box is Born?

We want you to be a lazy mom😉❤️ this Christmas indulging in the joy of celebrating , without the hustle-bustle to find all the stuff you need for you and your baby, so we have boxed 🎁 in all the mom and baby’s requisite in one box for your convenience! 🎄🎅Not only can Santa fly, but also our love! No matter how far we are, it will wing to reach you!

Limited Box
Dec. 20-Dec. 27 11:59 pm EST -CODE: XMAS
There is something we want to say
💌⁠Hey mama,

After such a long ordeal of nine months of pregnancy🤰, congratulations on striding towards the next stage of your life👶, the maturer, the wiser, and the more responsible stage.

Since the new life has arrived, you and your partner have celebrated the joy together, you have tackled the new challenges together and you have embraced the new you together. Yet, there are always things you need to face all by yourself. Such as the engorged breasts, the never-free hands and the body changing, and so on.

Yet, with Momcozy, you are never alone. We are your secret bosom friend to accompany you along no matter your ups and downs. Such a long way parts us to reach you, hence we box our new year's blessing in our gift box🎁😍 to reach you instead.

🎇In 2023, we are still here for you!


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