Are Breastfeeding Bras Really Necessary?

Are Breastfeeding Bras Really Necessary?

When you do any physical activity, you obviously get all the equipment you need to perform well and protect yourself, but what about the breastfeeding? Doesn't it represent the ultimate physical effort of the first months in the company of baby? To live this pleasant stage of life, you must first have adequate bras, and that’s where the breastfeeding brad comes in. Let’s find out together, are they really necessary?

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Are Breastfeeding Bras Really Necessary?

Is it necessary to have a bra suitable for breastfeeding? There is no obligation to purchase this type of bra since wearing a bra in itself is truly cultural. However, even if you do not wear a bra every day, you will find that the growth of your breasts and the weight that increases during pregnancy will gradually lead you to consider this possibility to find the appropriate support and comfort. This is why it is said to be practical but not essential.

Pregnant mothers are often advised to acquire at least one bra during pregnancy that will be adaptive when breastfeeding when the baby is there. So, choose a scalable bra model that will adjust over time with changes in your chest, while being compatible with breastfeeding. It's like buying “one-two for one.” When we are in our infancy in breastfeeding, having a garment that lowers a flap to release one breast at a time, while retaining the necessary support, greatly helps the technique of breastfeeding. Otherwise, it is not uncommon for the mother to completely take off her regular bra and lose support for it. Or she raises it in her neck to release a breast for feeding, which can be very unpleasant when the other breast starts to pour milk on it. The bra takes all its importance at this time of your life since you will often wear it day and night.

In addition to the practical and support side mentioned earlier, this type of bras certainly allows discretion during feedings since we do not have to strip the entire breast. The support obtained with the interior bands designed for this purpose increases comfort and often relieves back pain caused by the weight of the breasts to be worn. In addition, this adapted underwear reduces tension in the breast due to its versatility, its possible adjustments at different times of pregnancy and postnatal. This will prevent excessive compression of the breasts, possible stretch marks, and even pressure mastitis that could occur under such circumstances.


Why wear a special breastfeeding bra?

During pregnancy and lactation, the breasts increase in size, the skin is more sensitive, and the weight to bear is greater. Women take, on average, 1 to 3 cup sizes or more.

The nursing bras have been designed to optimize the mother's comfort and offer the ideal support to the breast. It will be important to wear it day and night to maintain a beautiful firm breast, even during breastfeeding. This is why you will need a comfortable nursing bra, made of soft and stretchy material that will be able to adapt to the large variations in volume that your breast will experience. When you decide to breastfeed your child, you need a nursing bra; it will allow you to breastfeed a baby without undressing and while continuing to benefit from the maintenance of your bra. The bread feeding mom can use the hand free pumping bra for expressing milk while doing multitasking at home or at work. The Momcozy hand-free pumping bra is the best pumping bra out there that new moms can use to comfort them.


The opinion of the lactation consultant: 

More than an accessory, it is obvious. It is indeed important to invest in some good nursing bras, because a classic bra, with underwire, may put pressure on the breasts and cause discomfort. Comfort and practicality are the priority. There are different opening systems for discovering the nipple, to the mom to see what she finds most practical, in particular, according to the size of her breast. You can buy your bra online, but we recommend going to the store to try out different models and get advice. The mother can also choose an evolutionary bra that she can use during pregnancy and then during breastfeeding. 


Why Can’t You Wear a Regular Bra During Breastfeeding?

The improvement in the nursing bra makes them easier to open. The clip, specially designed clip or press button, all these mechanisms are made to discover the breast and give the baby milk without wasting too much time. Then there are the size variations. Breast milk makes your breasts expand, which can cause sagging if you are wearing the wrong support. It is to maintain the breast of the nursing mother that this type of bra is preferred. That said; don't get into your head that a nursing bra is going to have a style for grandmothers. The market is full of attractive and sexy models that can be part of your lingerie and be included in the wardrobe.


When Should You Start Using a Nursing Bra?

The nursing bra is generally worn from the birth of the baby until the end of the nursing period. Nevertheless, it is very beneficial to get the body used during pregnancy. As you already know, the evolution of the chest is a factor to consider. So get started in the third trimester of your pregnancy. It will also give you a better idea of ​​the size to take. You can start using a bra designed for breastfeeding from the eighth month of pregnancy. Usually, breast sizes are already formed at that time. Be careful, though; if you have gained little weight during pregnancy, you may increase one size at the time of milk increase. If you prefer, you can buy it after childbirth, but wait a week or two for the chest to stabilize, so choose a bra that can support the breast and back.


What Kind of a Nursing Bra Should a Breastfeeding Mother Wear?

Opt for a flexible and elastic breastfeeding bra that can adapt to breast size changes depending on the rise in milk. Choose pleasant materials like cotton or microfiber. To breastfeed, it is always better to prefer a soft bra. You will wear it day and night, and if it has underwire, it will be less comfortable and may hinder your sleep (essential when you have a child). Underwire bras must be reserved for people with very strong breasts as they allow more effective support and lighten the back.

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