Breastfeeding Your Baby – Don’t Be Afraid

Breastfeeding Your Baby – Don’t Be Afraid

All of us have a fear of the unknown. This is because the unknown seems scary and might not entail what we expect. This fear of the unknown is well understood by women who are about to be mothers.

Being a mother is a significant responsibility and comes with a learning curve. However, one common fear that many mothers have is that of breastfeeding.

This fear comes from not having enough information on the subject, having the wrong information, or simply because they may not be ready to breastfeed yet.

If you are a soon-to-be mom and are fearful of breastfeeding then here are some fears you may have and how to overcome them.

Fear #1. It Will Be Painful

You may have heard this thrown around or you may have developed this notion on your own. However, breastfeeding when done right shouldn’t be causing pain to you.

Of course, at first, when you are new to it you will feel some discomfort but that is only because your body needs to get used to it. Apart from that your baby also needs to get used to taking milk.

This is why the first few weeks may cause some discomfort. However, once this initial phase passes and you get used to it there will be no discomfort anymore either.

Some mothers have even said that after the initial stage it feels good to breastfeed! So there is nothing to worry about if you are afraid of the pain.

Fear #2 Pumping Will Be A Tedious Chore

If you have seen another woman pumping you may have thought how tedious it is. You may have also thought that it will hamper with your time doing other things that need attention.

However, there are solutions to this. The best solution is a hands free nursing bra that also performs the function of pumping. It will allow you to pump and do whatever you want at the same time!

All you will have to do is wear the bra, secure the pump, and let it do its job. This will save you a lot of time and effort and pumping will no longer be a task. You can focus on other things while the best pumping bra does its job.

Many mothers are switching to this solution because it allows them to pump conveniently no matter the place. Even if you are at work you can just secure the bra and the rest will be taken care of!

Fear #3. Breastfeeding May Not Work

This fear is extremely common as most mothers keep thinking that what if they don’t produce enough milk for the baby in the first place? You might even know someone who has this problem but remember there are solutions to every problem. You just need to know where to look.

If women get the right information and support they will have no problem producing milk for their baby. This is why it is important to do your research.

So, one way of making it work is to make sure the baby gets the milk timely. This means you have to feed them when they want to be fed. They don't have a set pattern for their hunger in infancy so you must respond to their hunger needs instantly.

The amount of milk you produce and the amount you supply to the baby go hand in hand (yes, the laws of demand and supply apply here too!). Your body will produce milk once your baby removes the milk already present.

This means the more you feed, the more your body will work to replace this milk. If you don’t feed and give bottles instead then your body will produce less because it knows that it won’t be removed so it doesn’t need more.

If you still have trouble producing then it is best to contact your doctor.

Fear #4. Milk Will Leak

This may happen and that is completely okay too. This is because you need to give your body enough time to get used to producing milk. If you are looking to go back to work and want to continue your normal life while breastfeeding then you must invest in the best pumping bra.

You simply will have to wear the hands free nursing bra and it will pump out any excess milk for you. You may feel conscious but remember that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and you should not feel conscious of providing for your child.

This way you can wear the best pumping bra anywhere and anytime. All the excess and leaky milk will be stored in the most convenient manner possible! Isn’t that great?

Fear #5. Breasts Will Change

A lot of things become different once you become a mother. This is because your body goes through a myriad of changes and these changes can’t be reversed.

The changing of breasts is also a normal change because your body is preparing itself for a miracle! Many women fear that they will lose their perkiness and droop.

This may happen however the elasticity of the breasts is something that may return after a while. However, for some this may not even happen and they may remain droopy.

It is important to accept all the changes such as physical, mental, and emotional after you have a baby. If you ever feel sad about it just remember what an amazing job you have done bringing life into this world!

Final Words

Just like anything in life, breastfeeding can be done right and is nothing to be afraid of when you have the right tools and knowledge. This is why it is important to do two things to make your life convenient.

The first is to equip yourself with knowledge and the second is to get a hands free nursing bra so you can have a convenient experience! Momcozy prides itself on providing the most comfortable and affordable nursing bras.

For more information visit our collection and order the best pumping bra now!

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