Can a newborn baby not be Shaft holding within 3 months?

Can a newborn baby not be Shaft holding within 3 months?

In our subconscious mind, the newborn can not Shaft holding without Shaft holding, even if the shooting is hoped that the shorter the better, because when we were promoted to father and mother, the older generation warned us that the newborn was soft. The bones and muscles have not developed well. Try not to Shaft holding, otherwise, it is not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics has also made it clear that no matter how big the baby is, Shaft holding can be used, but parents should ensure that the baby’s head, cervical vertebra, and spine are on the same vertical line.

1.Shaft holding is more convenient for breastfeeding

The newborn is small in size, other breastfeeding methods, because the baby’s mouth and breast position can not be perfectly matched (direction or height can not be stitched), may not be well milked, then the mother will involuntarily take a reasonable posture Let the baby reach. As a result, the mother who was originally in recovery period hurt her shoulders and waist, and she suffered from backache during the day. If the new mother adopts the vertical breast-feeding posture, it fits the baby’s height and can be seamlessly joined. The baby can eat well, and the mother does not need to be affected. Both are beautiful.

2.Conducive to breast duct dredge

New mothers have a variety of ways to breastfeed, and the size of the baby’s mouth and the way the mouth is opened are also individual. For the new mother milk with breast milk and mass above the breast, holding the baby breastfeeding is beneficial to the dredging of the accumulated milk, which is beneficial to the dredge of the breast tube and relieve or prevent milk blocking. At this time to hold the baby, first put the baby on the new mother’s lap, open the baby’s leg, let it sit, then use the arm to cling to the baby’s back and support the baby’s head and neck with the palm, small Your baby will be able to pump milk smoothly.

3.Promote neck muscle development

During the period of 0-3 months, parents should consciously give the baby the ability to exercise their heads. Parents Shaft holding up 4-5 times a day, exercise the neck muscles to promote the development of large sports, let the baby master the ability to look up as soon as possible. Parents don’t have to practice specifically. After feeding, Shaft holding, don’t rush to hold the baby’s head and let it stand up for a moment.

4.Shaft holding is good for gas discharge in the body

The stomach of the newborn baby is not yet mature, showing a horizontal position, and the cardia (the entrance to the stomach) is relatively slack, and is easily washed away by the milk, causing spitting milk. After each feeding, the parents Shaft holding the baby, chest and chest to let the baby lie on the shoulder, the head is higher than the shoulder to block the nose and mouth, the hand is a “spoon” shape, from the bottom to the light baby The back is beneficial to the smooth discharge of gas in the body and prevent spitting milk.

5.Change the field of vision, the baby is better to bring

Careful parents will find that whenever they hold their baby up, they will be especially happy and rarely cry. This is because the field of vision has changed. Little babies often lie in bed and look at the ceiling, and they can’t play alone, and they feel bored. And when we hold him Shaft, the vision is more open, seeing different new things, naturally full of curiosity, the mood becomes clear, and naturally it will not cry. Although the newborn’s eyesight is only about 0.01-0.02, the color can only see black and white, it is difficult to focus, but when the vertical hug can also feel the change of brightness through the parents’ walking, he will feel novel.

6.Baby is more secure

When the baby is Shaft holding, the baby can hear the mother’s regular heartbeat. When the baby is pregnant in October, the fetus generally hears that the mother’s heartbeat and blood flow grows. When they hear these sounds, they feel very relieved and the skin is tight. Stick, you can feel the warmth of the spring of March and get a sense of security.

Before the baby has learned to look up, how is Shaft holding safer?

First, before Shaft holding, put the baby on the bed, hold the baby’s armpit with both hands and hold the baby’s head and neck with 8 fingers except the thumb, then let the baby lean over our chest, the head is higher than ours. The shoulders reveal the baby’s nose and mouth. Finally, the left-hand holds the baby’s head and neck, and the right-hand holds the baby’s small PP, so that the head, cervical vertebra, and the spine are on the same vertical line.

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