Parents should pay attention to whether the baby growing is slow

Parents should pay attention to whether the baby growing is slow

Today, I took my children to play in the community. Just a few treasure moms are also there. Mommy’s baby has been more than 5 months old, and she is white and fat. She can’t help but hug and play, the little guy is in my arms and has the happy “giggle” laughs. Mary looked at it and couldn’t help but said: “Your baby is really good. Our baby is more than six months but still can’t laugh out. I don’t know if it is stunted.”

Indeed, every change in the baby’s growth represents a different meaning, and it also reflects the developmental state of each child. For example, when will the child laugh, when will he look up, when will he turn over, when will he sit, when will he climb, etc., the growth trajectory of some columns is a new surprise for the baby, a new achievement; For parents, this life experience is getting more and more valuable.

According to the book “Children’s Encyclopedia of American Academy of Pediatrics”, if the child does not have these five “actions” before the child’s 6 months, it may suggest that the child’s physical development is slow, and mom and dad should pay attention to it.

1.The baby will not laugh or scream when he is 6 months old.

The innocent and happy smile is the first step for infants and young children to interact with him. It is a leap in mental development. It is a benign stimulus to the development of the brain and has been praised by experts as the first dawn.

By the time of the birth of two or three months, the baby smiled at the face of his face, and if he was facing his face, he would not smile. He will smile when he sees familiar things. After the third month, the baby can giggle- laugh. Laughter can also detect whether an infant is an important criterion for a normal voice.

The development of smile marks the development of intelligence so that the baby can promote the development of the brain, and the baby’s IQ will be higher in the future. If your baby is 6 months old, you can’t laugh or scream, which may mean your baby is stunted.

2.The baby will not turn over when he is 6 months old.

In general, the baby will start to turn over in three months, and some babies will be able to turn over skillfully in five months. Summer is a good time for your baby to turn over because it is thin enough. In winter, because it is too thick, it will affect the baby’s large exercise development. If you don’t turn over for more than 6 months, it is recommended to take the child to check to see if there is a lag in exercise development.

3. The baby will not turn to find the sound source when 4 months old.

In normal hearing, the baby will not pay attention to the human voice in the first month. When you talk to him, he will turn to look for your position, and then listen carefully to the different syllables and words you send.

If you look closely, you will even find that his hands and feet will sway slightly with your voice. If you gently ring the bell or quiet music around him, he will be smart, and his head and eyes will turn around to find the source of this interesting sound.

If the baby does not turn to find the sound source in the fourth month, Mom and Dad should pay attention to whether the baby is hindered or has a slow development.

4. It is difficult for the baby to send the object to the mouth when it is 6 months old.

Usually, a baby who is about three months old will subconsciously put his hand in his mouth and suck it. Some babies will also actively reach out to catch what they want. One small move is to suggest that the baby’s brain is developing and the coordination of movements is very good.

In the fourth month, the child has been able to freely put something interesting into his mouth. In the next 4 months, he will begin to practice the cooperation of the thumb and other fingers, picking up a lot of things by shooting, grabbing, etc. In about 9 months, he will use his fingers and thumb to pick up things.

If the baby is still having difficulty delivering the object to his mouth at 6 months, the parent should care about the child and see if the child is physically retarded.

5. The baby can’t sit up with the help of an adult for 6 months.

During the first 4 months of the baby, you have mastered enough muscle control to move your eyes and head at the same time, and you can use the line of sight to track the object of interest. By the end of five months, he had a bigger challenge – sit up. He had enough strength to lift the upper body when Mom and Dad began to help him practice sitting. Hold him by hand, hold his back with a pillow, or put him on the corner of the sofa to let him learn to balance his body. Soon, with the help of Mom and Dad, the baby can sit up.

If the baby is not able to sit down with the help of an adult after 6 months, it means that the baby is stunted, and parents should pay more attention to it and give the baby more practice.

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