What is the baby’s frequent kicking? Adults don’t feel cute, it’s likely that these reasons

What is the baby’s frequent kicking? Adults don’t feel cute, it’s likely that these reasons

On the weekend, I went to colleague Xiaolin’s house to see her baby. When I entered the house, I saw the baby rolling back and forth on the bed. From time to time, I would also kick my legs, look cute and likable. But when you look closely, your baby’s mouth is trying to squint, his eyes are straight, his face is a little red, and it feels uncomfortable. The mother sitting next to me said that the weather may be too hot and I didn’t dare to blow the air conditioner to my child.

If the child’s face is red because of the hot weather, it can be relieved to help the baby cool down in time. However, if the baby is found to have frequent lameness, the parents should pay attention. Do not think that the baby is habitually moving. Frequent lameness may exist. Some hidden anomalies.

May be poor digestion or flatulence, if the baby has a stomach dysfunction, because it can not be expressed in words, it may be chaotic, and at the same time easy to cry, grab clothes. If the symptoms are not very serious, the baby will usually only lick or frown. For the novice parents, it is easy to ignore this situation.

At this time, as a parent, you can do this: let the baby lie on the adult’s arm, hold the head in one hand, hold the buttocks in one hand, and then shake the left and right slightly. This posture will slowly relieve the flatulence. If it does not work, let the baby be simple. Kneeling will also ease, but be sure to prevent your baby from blocking your nose and mouth.

It may be that the baby is hot, the weather is hot, when the house is air-conditioned, many parents are afraid that the child will catch the cold, and will cover the child with some thin quilts. Some parents may even fear that the baby will open the quilt and directly put the sleeping bag on the baby to sleep. It is also easy to kick your legs. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to whether the baby is too hot and help the child cool down in time.

The lame is also a manifestation of development. The newborn has a peculiar phenomenon called “stepping reflex”. The main feature is that when the baby is lying down, he has a strong kick. When you hold him up, let him land on the ground. He will Will walk like an astronaut. This is actually a kind of self-exercise for the baby.

Frequent kicking under normal conditions will make the leg muscles stronger, and lay the foundation for the future walk. Parents can also prepare some wind chimes and toys for the baby, and enjoy the game during the baby’s lame.

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