The role of molar sticks and how to buy baby molar sticks

The role of molar sticks and how to buy baby molar sticks

Anyone who has been a mother should know that the baby’s deciduous teeth are mostly grown between 4-10 months, and slightly later. No matter at which time, in the process of this long tooth, children will like to bite hard things. The molar rods introduced on the market are a good solution to this problem. What is the role of the molar stick? How to buy a baby molar stick? Follow me to find out.

  1. The role of the molar rod

Since the baby will have itchy teeth when it is in the long deciduous teeth, it is necessary to use some food or tools to help the baby, although many babies will put their fingers in the mouth to suck or bite the nipple of the mother, but This is not the best way. Therefore, the appearance of the molar stick not only helps the baby more importantly, but also avoids the pain of Bao Ma being bitten by the nipple. At the same time, the baby’s oral chewing function is also trained in time. These are the functions of the molar stick, so the molar stick is a really good thing. However, there are two types of teether molar sticks and baby-made biscuit sticks on the market today, but there are more parents who choose gums. How to choose them? Then, let’s learn.

2.How to buy baby molar stick

A.Choose wear-resistant

Some molars are not well-known, and the baby bites for a long time and is easily deformed or bitten. Therefore, it is better to choose a strong, wear-resistant molar rod when purchasing.

B.Choose no odor

When purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the product has no odor, because some inferior products have a heavy plastic taste. This kind of molar stick baby is very unfavorable for a long time, which is easy to cause serious consequences such as poisoning.

C. Choose a non-toxic and safe sign

Generally, regular manufacturers will be marked with non-toxic and harmless safety labels after being tested by relevant state departments. The products with such marks will be safer; on the contrary, the quality is difficult to guarantee.

D. Choose to have QS quality safety signs

Products with QS quality and safety signs are checked through layers and qualified before they can be produced. Therefore, when buying, you must check whether there is a QS mark on the bag.

Conclusion: The above is the introduction of the role of the molar stick and how to buy a baby molar stick, I hope to help you treasure mom dad. However, some babies are not interested in the molar stick. Therefore, parents are advised to choose the biscuit grind stick for baby food, but it is recommended that parents should go to a regular shopping mall or a specialty store to purchase so that the quality is more guaranteed. In addition, when the baby is eating, be sure to take care, so as not to accidentally catch the baby suddenly, it is not good.

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