Mother should know all these points of breastfeeding

Mother should know all these points of breastfeeding

Giving birth to children is something that every mother has to go through, but it's hard at the beginning! It is hard to labor with an empty belly, and children need to eat. It can be imagined that most mothers will choose to breastfeed their newborn babies, but there is a certain period of breastfeeding because, with the growth of the baby's age, it is not rare for the baby to have a single and boring breast milk! So, how should moms grasp this time?

1、 How long can breastfeeding stop?

For newborn babies, breast milk can meet their nutrition source, but it is not that the longer they are fed, the better.

So in general, the time of breastfeeding is from 8 months to 1 year old, but there is also stress in choosing the time of weaning. It's better to do it in spring and autumn, because the climate is just fine, not cold or hot, and the baby is easy to adapt.

Besides, considering that some mothers lack breast milk, we can choose formula similar to breast milk at this time, but at the beginning, the baby will be a little maladjusted. The mother should gradually feed breast milk first, then milk powder, so that the baby has a process of adaptation, and slowly, it can always feed milk powder.

2、 When is it better to add complementary food?

In general, breast milk can only meet the nutrition of the baby 6 months ago. When the baby grows up, the more nutrition it needs, so after 6 months, parents can gradually add complementary food to ensure the nutritional needs of the baby.

But add auxiliary food at the beginning, and the baby will not adapt. At this time, the parents can start with juice, which is easier to eat than liquid food such as juice and vegetable juice. The meat can be fish and lean meat, but pay attention to mincing and fish bones to avoid hurting the baby.

Also, some parents have the habit of feeding their children whatever they eat, which is not very good. Pay attention not to try all kinds of food for your baby, such as salty or high-fat food, because your baby's digestive system is not perfect, you should eat light, easy to digest food so that your baby has a process of adaptation.

3、 Some principles for adding complementary food:

  1. From less to more, don't overfeed in the first place;
  2. From one to many complementary foods;
  3. From thin to thick;
  4. From soft to hard;
  5. During this period, we should pay attention to the cultivation of eating skills;
  6. In the process of adding complementary food, we should pay attention to children's gastrointestinal reactions and whether they have allergic symptoms.

There is a lot of knowledge about feeding babies. Everyone is the first time and may make mistakes, but don't be afraid. On the way to raise children, we should sum up and try more.

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