Technology father coax baby essential baby sleep comfort toy

Technology father coax baby essential baby sleep comfort toy

Most let novice mothers headache is the baby crying at night, not only the baby can’t sleep well, they can’t sleep well. Good sleep is the basis for the recovery of body function. For babies, the quality of sleep, especially the efficiency of sleep at night, which is an important factor affecting their growth and development. It helps the baby develop good sleep habits that better promote healthy and intelligent growth. How to make your baby and yourself sleep well? Technology dad chooses Momcozy Elephant sleep instrument. Momcozy elephant sleep apparatus is not just a baby pacify toys so simple. Don’t believe it? Let’s listen to the technology dad. Let’s go slowly!

Baby Soothing toys, whether there is a sleeping sound effect mode, is the most concerned problem of fathers. You should know that the baby doesn’t like the absolute quiet environment, relaxing the beautiful soothing music, which can help the baby relax and go to sleep. According to the data, the Momcozy elephant sleep instrument has soothing songs, nature sound effects, and the mixed version of music and nature sound effects.

But, as a pure man of science and technology, the functional description of the baby’s soothing toy looks like my big problem. Let’s start with the data, After all, the data is there and can’t be fake.

Momcozy baby white noise sound machine contains 11 soothing lullabies & 4 white noise machines (Mama’s heartbeat, rain sound, shush & bird’s singing).

As a baby’s soothing toy, Momcozy elephant sleep meter has no soothing sound effect. How can it be? No, after a test, I found that there are 11 soothing lullabies & 4 white noise machine (Mama’s heartbeat, rain sound, shush & bird’s singing), which are familiar to us. It can be said that it is a collection of foreign classic nursery rhymes and bedtime lullabies, After two months, I don’t pay attention to listening every day. It’s great!

Technology father coax baby essential baby sleep comfort toy

  • How can the legendary hypnotic artifact lack soft light

I believe that everyone knows that soft light can help sleep, and baby comfort toy Momcozy elephant sleep instrument has a “light projection” function.

Through a hollow, three-dimensional spherical shell, this hypnotic device casts light on the wall; the light changes from dark to light, and then slowly to dark, and then to change the light of another color. The light changes gradually and alternately, which is very soft and does not stimulate the eyes. Red, blue, green and orange stars are replaced in turn to create a dreamlike sleeping environment. (⊙V ⊙) well, look at it, I want to sleep with my baby!

Technology father coax baby essential baby sleep comfort toy.

Originally, as a baby comfort toy, the Momcozy Elephant sleep instrument can meet the above requirements, and I am satisfied. I didn’t expect that it was also very human-oriented in terms of details. For example, different blocks are made of different materials. The head, limbs, and tail are made of advanced environmental protection plush. The projection and function buttons are made of safe and non-toxic plastic, so you don’t need to worry about your baby’s falling, beating, gnawing and biting. And the filling cotton of the head and limbs has high elasticity, which can be kneaded casually. The tail is elastic, and the baby keeps pulling, which is very durable!

Technology father coax baby essential baby sleep comfort toy

Also, for example, the music buttons are highlighted to facilitate the press type operation; the volume of the sound can be manually adjusted; there are dial-type time control, fixed time for playing soothing music and so on. These details are well considered by the little Elephant, giving it 32 compliments!

What’s the difficulty of being a super dad with a baby’s pacifying toy? What’s the trouble of coaxing a baby to sleep with a Momcozy Elephant sleep apparatus? The whole nation’s dad is refined and ready to go!

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