5 Ways to Hack Your Pumping Routine

5 Ways to Hack Your Pumping Routine

Do you feel that your pumping session is a very time-consuming task? Or probably you feel accountable for taking long breaks at work. If you feel the same, then the following breast pumping hacks may help you finish pumping in no time and focus on other things that matter most to you. 

Hacks for pumping Routine

If you are a working mom or breastfeeding mother who attends university, then your hand-free breast pump will be more than a lifeline for you. It connects you with your baby when he is not with you. Of course, you want to reduce the effort and time that goes into breast pumping. Let’s discuss some useful hacks that make your pumping session a little more pleasant.  

1. Have backup parts on hand

A hand-free breast pump allows you to express milk for your little one while getting your daily work done. If you don’t want to spend some extra cash for the special breastfeeding bra, then you can turn your sports bra into nursing pumping bra . You need to cut breast flanges holes into your sports bra and drape your flanges with a rubber band. If you are a working mom, it is essential to have backup breast pump parts such as milk storage bags, connectors, bottles, breast shields or flanges and tubes. Some moms think that these backup parts are unnecessary. 

If you are a working mother or with a newborn baby, you have not enough time to keep all pumps part washed. Having backup parts on hand will save your time. When you are on the go, pumping parts could give down or give out the drain. So keeping backup parts is always a good idea. Get a second or third set of your breast pump parts. This way, you don’t spend too much time washing pump parts at work. Your husband or other family members can help you wash pump parts when you return home. Moreover, keeping a second set of pump parts can ward off the potential setback if you forget the important piece of a breast pump. 

2. Try to build your stash early and refill it often

Moms should remember one rule of thumb when a pump, i.e., the sooner they get their mind and body to pumping, the better. Moreover, building up a milk stash can ease apprehension about feeding your baby. There are numerous ways to make the most out of your pumping session and save your time, especially when you are at your workplace. The lactation consultants suggest that mommas should pump on one side while nursing on the other side. Most women use a silicone breast pump or Momcozy hand free pumping and nursing bra for this purpose. You can also pump both sides of the breast simultaneously. If you pump in the morning hours or at night before going to bed, then milk production is likely to be more and help you build up more freezer stash.

However, most breastfeeding moms are concerned about how to feed their baby when they are not with their baby if they have not enough milk stash. If you build your stash early and enough breast milk on hand, it can relieve your stress. 

3. Accessorize with a pumping bra and other pumping essentials

Pumping bra is considered the essential accessories that moms can’t live without it. Hand-free pumping bra can be your best ally when you are super busy or at work. It helps you in hand-free pumping. Instead of moisturizing your hand before the pumping session, apply a small amount of coconut oil inside your breast flanges. It will make your pumping session more comfortable. Add some other accessories to your pumping routine, like your baby’s photo, blanket, and article of clothing that smells like your little one. It helps to encourage let down of breast milk. Even the videos of your baby can help you with pumping.

Pumping accessories

  • Pumping Bra/ Band– Holds a collection bottle at each nipple to free your hands while you pump both breasts simultaneously.
  • Storage Bags/ Containers– Makes collecting, storing, and freezing your milk easier.
  • Microwave Bags– Lets you steam-clean pump parts in the microwave.
  • Insulated Bag and Cold Freezer Packs – Keeps your milk cool throughout the day when there isn’t a fridge nearby.

    Nursing Aids

    • Hot/Cold Breast Packs– Gel packs can fit inside a nursing bra and can be used hot or cold to soothe any swollen or sore breasts.
    • Lanolin Ointment– Blissful in relieving sore nipples.
    • Nursing Pads– You can buy either disposable or washable pads, whichever is most convenient for you. They absorb milk from leaky breasts and prevent spots on clothes.

      4. Establish a pumping routine and stick with your routine

      If you pump at your workplace or pump exclusively when you are away from your child, you need to pump every 3 to 4 hours each day. However, most moms say that it is not always possible to pump as often as possible.

      Block out time on your calendar when you are in the office. Working moms should have good knowledge about the Fair Labor Standard Act and breastfeeding laws in your state. Also, let your management know that you are not available at that time. 

      On the contrary, if you are at home, then set reminder alarms for pumping. If your older children are also with you at home, pump when your children read or talk together. This way, you can expect their cooperation. 

      5. Divide pumped milk into small servings

      For easier milk thawing, it is important to divide the milk into small batches. It will help you defrost the breast milk easily and avoid waste. You can store breast milk in storage bags in one to four ounces portions. Remember to write the date of expression on the bag. Don’t add warm milk to thawed milk. You can refrigerate the milk if your baby doesn’t finish the milk in a single feed. But avoid freezing the remaining milk. Instead, feed it to your baby after 1 to 2 hours.

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