Should You Sleep in a Nursing Bra If You're Breastfeeding?

Should You Sleep in a Nursing Bra If You're Breastfeeding?

Years ago, it was recommended to avoid wearing a bra at night, claiming that it could cause back injuries, difficulty in the respiratory process, or cause contractures over time. Over time, there has been a debate on whether women should wear a bra at night or not. Lactating experts recommend that those women who have large breasts, pregnant nursing moms can wear a bra at night. But women should wear night nursing bra at night, not the everyday bra. This may be beneficial after pregnancy, especially if the person is breastfeeding, the bra provides support. Wearing a night using bra reduces sagging and offer great support to your breasts. Here you will learn that you should sleep in a nursing bra if you are breastfeeding.

Should I Sleep in a Nursing Bra? 

Indeed, some doctors advise wearing a bra for women with large breasts, those suffering from mastopathy, those who have undergone an operation or even breastfeeding. In these cases, the goal of the bra is to relieve the breasts, preventing them from causing pain during sleep. Also, when the breasts are too heavy, they pull on the skin, reducing its elasticity. Therefore, it is advisable to wear specialized or nursing sleep bra overnight or even sports bras, which will be very comfortable and practical, just like nursing bras that are very flexible and will follow the evolutions of the chest.

To Accommodate Your Changing Body shape

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes. Some common changes that a woman will notice during pregnancy and breastfeeding are to her breasts. Breast produce milk; hence you will notice significant changes. However, not all women see the same changes. For instance, one woman may have more changes in her breast volume more than the other. For instance, her breast size may increase by four cup size, while other women have an increase of one or two cup size only.

Provides comfort and helps you fall asleep

For breastfeeding women with sensitive or even painful breasts, you can sleep with a nursing bra. It provides comfort and helps them to fall asleep easily as most breastfeeding moms have difficulty in sleeping. You can try Momcozy’s nursing bra to sleep comfortably at night. Designed in a soft and delicate material, it is both comfortable and attractive. Soft and seamless, we guarantee you all the comfort you need.

Prevent Health-Related Problems

Most nursing mothers wear bras that can affect their ability to breastfeed to their babies. Lactation experts say that nursing moms should wear night nursing bra. Avoid wearing a bra with underwire because these bras apply pressure on your milk ducts. Consequently, milk flow will be blocked due to plugged ducts.

If you want to breastfeed for a long time, prefer a bra with a thin and flexible underwire, which will strengthen the support and which will adapt to your changing curves. While it is possible to sleep with a nursing bra, it is not recommended that it has an underwire. For optimal comfort, opt for a model with thick straps and an elasticated back. Regarding the material, choose a bra made of soft materials like elastane or organic cotton without dyeing. It will thus be perfectly adjusted to your breasts throughout your breastfeeding period. It is generally advisable to opt for cotton, which helps regulate the temperature and prevent irritation, or for stretch microfiber, which will dry faster.

Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Who Want to Wear a Bra to Bed

Always Wear a Bra That Fits You Well

Choose a nursing sleep bra that is soft and fits you well. Choose a bra with some stretch. Your breasts will change throughout the day, and you need something that will feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable without some support at night, choose a bra especially designed for nighttime. It will have less support and be far more comfortable, and will have room for nursing pads to catch leaks.

Think About Using a Nursing Tank Top 

If you don’t want to wear a night nursing bra, but you are worried about your leaking breast overnight, then choose nursing tank tops with shelf bra. If your breasts are very heavy and you have a hard time staying without "containment," try wearing a stretch shirt. With a slightly snug top, you can also keep nursing pads in place if you are part of that category of women who lose a lot of milk.

What to consider when buying a nursing sleep bra?

Now you have learned that you need to wear a night nursing bra at night, so what to consider when buying a nursing sleep bra?

First off, let’s start with the features that it should not have:

Underwire: Avoid wearing an underwire bra at night because it can hurt your sensitive breast. Underwire bras exert pressure that can affect your milk flow.

Stiff bra cups:  During breastfeeding, your breasts grow, and your cup size is likely to increase. In this case, stiff bra cups can provide support to your breasts.

Fixed clips: The fixed clips make it difficult for you to breastfeed.

Narrow bra straps: Heavy breasts can’t be supported by narrow straps.

What to consider

Use soft cups:

Some moms love underwire, especially if they’re fuller figured and desire “lift.” It’s really a personal decision, but if you do begin having recurring plugged ducts or mastitis, ditch them for soft-cup styles.

Use an adjustable nursing bra:

Keep in mind that your bra size will likely change a few times while you’re nursing, so you may want to have only two or three bras in your current size. The bra you wear in the immediate postpartum period may not fit when your baby is a few months old. Your breasts are usually largest in the first month postpartum, but then they begin to reduce in size a little bit, although they likely won’t be the same size they were before your pregnancy until after you wean.

Use a lined bra if your breasts leak very much:

Also, if you are a big leaker, you may need a larger size to accommodate nursing pads. Slightly padded or lined bras are popular so that you can avoid the dreaded “headlights” phenomenon.

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