Breastfeeding FAQs: If I Wait to Nurse, Will My Milk Supply Increase?

Breastfeeding FAQs: If I Wait to Nurse, Will My Milk Supply Increase?

The answer to this question is no. Waiting long to pump or nurse can slowly decrease the production and supply of milk. The more you delay pumping or nursing, the less milk your body will prepare because the overfilled breasts signal that you need less milk. 

When babies come to a healthy weight, they start sleeping for more time. Similarly, even when your child sleeps in the night for long, it will not hurt your breastfeeding efforts. Your infant can nurse more often, and your body will adjust with it. 

For a new mom, breastfeeding is highly important. It is vital for both the mom's and the child's health. Breast milk offers abundant nutritional elements, enzymes, antioxidants that can all benefit your baby's health and immune system. 

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Your breast milk supply is based on the stimulation that your baby gives while nursing. The more you nurse your baby, the more milk supply you'll have. After nursing, it is good to pump to provide stimulation for more milk production. Some medicines, illnesses, and stress can leave a negative impact on your milk supply. To improve your milk supply, it is good to drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food. 

A mother must also use comfy attire to improve her milk supply, like the best nursing bra. Momcozy's nursing bras are designed to be extremely convenient for mothers and allow them to feed their children without any hassle.

With a Momcozy nursing bra, you can feel free and comfortable during each feeding. Our bras are available in various designs and styles. They are designed to provide you with complete coverage and protection while feeding. You can carry your child easily in your arms without worrying about each of your every move. The Momcozy nursing bras are incredibly classy, classic, and perfect for your easy movements.


There are many medicines for allergies available in the market. Antihistamines are safe drugs that even breastfeeding women can take. On the other hand, first-generation antihistamines are full of side effects. Chlor-Trimeton, Brompheniramine, Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) are safe drugs that can be used during lactation. Benadryl is one of the drugs that can be used to treat different types of allergies.

An unsafe drug can produce fussiness and drowsiness in your infant, as well as reducing your milk supply. Claritin, Fexofenadine, Cetirizine, and others are famous for good results, but these have side effects.

Moreover, you can use the best nursing bra to avoid these allergies. New mothers find it particularly difficult to hold their child for breastfeeding. The use of a breastfeeding bra is the right option to solve this problem. It is an item known for offering milk bands and other accessories for breastfeeding mothers. We at Momcozy are on a mission to help mothers feel free and comfortable while feeding their children. 

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